Dramatic scenes unfolded in Uttar Pradesh, where seven children & their mothers stormed the wedding venue top stop their father’s 5th marriage. The ordeal, which started off with the children and their mother objecting to their father’s marriage, eventually came to a point where the man was allegedly beaten up. The incident was reported from Sitapur district in Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, 55-year-old Shafi Ahmad was marrying for the fifth time earlier on Tuesday night. However, his plan for a nice low-key wedding was foiled when his seven children from their mothers stormed the wedding venue and created a ruckus.

As the heated argument unfolded, the children disclosed their identity to the bride’s family, which was allegedly kept a secret. Soon, the heated argument turned into an altercation of sorts. Several people, who were present to attend the wedding, beat the groom black and blue, while the bride simply fled the venue.

Tej Prakash Singh, Kotwali police station inspector, spoke to media about the entire matter. “The groom’s children informed the police about the incident. Thereafter, we reached the spot and arrested the accused”, he was quoted saying.

Earlier this week, another strange incident was reported from Bihar, where a Bihar was caught on video chasing her groom, after he had allegedly refused to tie the knot with her.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine standing next to your partner-to-be at the wedding venue. Any minute now, and you would be happily married. However, like a bad Bollywood comedy film, the venue is stormed by some youths, who claim to be your partner’s children. What would you do?

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Bride Finds Out About Groom’s 7 Children

Something similar recently happened to a woman in Uttar Pradesh, when 7 youths, who were allegedly the children of her husband-to-be, stormed the venue, and created a ruckus. The man in question had reportedly kept the fact that he was married and had multiple children, a secret.

The incident occurred earlier on Tuesday night and the groom, who was later arrested, was identified as 55-year-old Shafi Ahmad.

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Man’s Fifth Marriage Plans Get Foiled

Shafi Ahmad’s plan to get married was foiled, after seven children, from his four wives, appeared and revealed their identity to the bride. Shockingly enough, the seven children were also accompanied by their mothers.

According to reports, when Shafi’s children found out that their father was getting married for the fifth time, they decided to intervene. After they stormed the wedding venue, and revealed their identity, the bride in question fled the scene.

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Shafi Mohammad Arrested

Meanwhile, the wedding attendees, who were merely there to witness a wedding, soon decided to take Shafi to task. They allegedly beat the man black and blue. The police were alerted, and soon the accused was rescued from the people who were beating him, and was arrested.

According to reports, the man’s children were upset as their father had stopped giving them monthly expenses. After they got to know that their father was marrying for the fifth time instead of focusing on them, they decided to intervene.


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