In a jaw-dropping incident that comes from Uttar Pradesh, a school teacher beats a class 2nd student so bad that he suffered an eye injury. The reason for this beating was not any misbehaviour or misrepresentation in class, but the student had failed to accomplish the task of cleaning the classroom floor, as ordered by his teacher.

A class 2nd student, Deepak has suffered an eye injury because of a brutal beating by his teacher. The incident took place at Ganauli Primary school in Patranga village of Ayodhya district of Uttar Pradesh.

The teacher forcibly asked Deepak to sweep the floor and when the cleaning did not go so well, the teacher beat him up. The teacher did not calm down after beating him up, he pushed the student due to which he fell on a bench and suffered a serious injury to his eye.

As soon as Deepak’s family learned about the brutal incident, they approached the Patranga police and filed a complaint against the accused teacher. The police have registered a case however, the accused is on the run and is currently out of Police’s grip. Police have formed a team to investigate the matter and even a team is on the lookout to search for the accused absconding teacher.

This is not the only case from Uttar Pradesh of misbehaving teachers. In another instance, a teacher of a primary school in Mahmudabad was found smoking inside the classroom. He was suspended after a purported video of him smoking inside the classroom went viral on social media.

In a conversation with a media house, District Basic Education Officer Ajay Kumar said, “Video of teacher smoking inside the classroom had gone viral on social media. I had sent the division education officer to the school to investigate the matter and the identity of the teacher. As soon as I learned that his face matched with the person in the video, I suspended him.”

Kumar further alleged that smoking inside a classroom is not at all allowed.

“Teachers have a huge impact on students. They shouldn’t smoke at all,” he added.

In the video that went viral, the teacher could be seen lighting and smoking a beedi (hand-rolled cigarette) inside a classroom which is full of primary students.