A woman in UP recently stole a gold necklace worth Rs 10 lakhs at a busy jewellery store, with her actions being recorded on CCTV. The elderly accused woman was seen dressed in a saree, wearing dark sunglasses, and craftly performing a sleight of hand which ended up in her being able to steal jewellery that has still not been recovered. The incident was reported from Gorakhpur, UP, and occurred earlier on November 17.

In the shocking CCTV footage, the unidentified woman can be seen casually browsing the gold jewellery. Before anyone could notice, the woman does a slight of hand and hides an entire jewellery box inside the pleats of her saree. Instead of fleeing from the scene of crime, the woman continues to browse more jewellery as store employees stood unfazed at what transpired before their very own eyes.

The woman then leaves the shop, pretending she didn’t find something to her liking. A case was registered against the woman and an investigation is on to nab her.

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The Facts of the Matter

While thefts of all kinds are troubling in nature, thefts which have some craft involved often pique the interest of people. In one such incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a woman stole a gold necklace worth Rs 10 lakhs at a busy jewellery store.

The most recent incident took place in UP’s Gorakhpur, and took place on November 17. The woman’s shocking sleight of hand was caught on CCTV. While a case has been registered against woman, she remains unidentified and still at large.

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What Does the Video Show?

In a video gone viral, the accused elderly woman can be seen checking out the jewellery at the busy store. Out of nowhere, the woman puts a box of jewellery under the pleats of her saree and continues to make conversation with one of the salespersons to show her one necklace. Instead of leaving from the scene, the woman continues to pretend checking out some more pieces, and then leaves the place with no suspicion on the faces of the staffers.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to UP Woman Stealing Jewellery


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