In Uttar Pradesh, a jilted lover killed a minor girl over not requesting his Facebook friend request and later tried killing himself. The incident was reported from Mathura and the accused in the matter was identified as Ravi.

A Muzaffarnagar resident, Ravi had gone to the home of minor deceased’s girl on the pretext of handing her his wedding invitation. When the minor came forward to receive the invite, the man allegedly stabbed her. When the minor girl’s mother came forward to save her daughter, the accused attacked her as well.

According to police the incident transpired in Mathura district’s Nagla Bohra village earlier on Sunday when Ravi went to the minor’s house to hand her a wedding card. According to the deceased girl’s father, the accused killed his daughter as she had not accepted his friend request on Facebook.

After taking the life of the girl, the accused also tried killing himself, but was not successful. As of now, the victim’s mother Sunita, and the accused Ravi are both undergoing treatment at a nearby hospital.

A case has been registered after the victim’s father filed a complaint against the accused. The complainant has been identified as Tejveer Singh.


According to the National Commission for Women, nearly 31,000 complaints of crimes committed against women were filed in 2021, a number that was highest since 2014. Shockingly, over half of the total complaints emerged from India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh.

A concerning 30% surge was witnessed in crimes against women complaints in 2021 against 2020 when a total of 23,722 such complaints were received. At 15,828 Uttar Pradesh registered the highest number of complaints of crimes against women. This was followed by national Capital Delhi, Maharashtra, and Haryana at 3,336, 1,504, 1,460, respectively.

Of the total 30,864 complaints of crimes committed against women, 11,013 were pertaining to violation of right to live with dignity, followed by domestic violence (6,633), and dowry harassment (4,589).

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The Facts of the Matter

In a horrifying incident reported from Mathura district’s Nagla Bohar village, a youth allegedly killed a minor girl and injured her mother as well over the girl’s refusal to accept his Facebook friend request.

Not only did the man kill the minor girl and injured her mother, he also tried taking his own life afterwards. The accused in the matter was identified as Ravi, a Muzaffarnagar resident.

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Victim Father Shares Facebook Friend Request Angle

According to Superintendent of Police Martand Prakash Singh, a case has been registered against Ravi on the basis of complaint filed by the victim’s father. The victim’s father Tejveer Singh alleged that Ravi took his daughter’s life over her not accepting his friend request on Facebook.

The victim father is a security personnel at a Faridabad based factory.

Accused Reached Victim’s House to Hand Over Wedding Invite

Earlier on Friday, the accused reached the minor girl’s residence on the pretext of handing over a wedding invitation card. When the minor victim came towards him to collect the wedding invite, the accused stabbed her multiple times, resulting in her immediate death.

Stabbing Victim to Death, Injuring Mother

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother, who heard her daughter’s cries rushed out of the room and the accused attacked her as well, injuring her in the back. The victim’s mother, identified as Sunita, is currently being treated in a local city hospital. Her conditions, according to an OpIndia report is critical.

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Accused’s Attempt to Take his Own Life Unsuccessful

The accused, after his attack on the mother-sister duo, decided to take his own life and stabbed himself. He was however not successful at his attempt of suicide and is currently undergoing treatment as well.


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