Being a transgender and living a normal life has never been easy. No matter how much we say that we have developed but the reality is that, still in todays time trangenders faces a lot of problems. They are still ignored, harassed, bullied, teased, and are not totally accepted by the society yet. This bifurcation and inferiority has made many transgender people take steps like committing suicide.

Today, we bring to an inspirational story of a beautiful 27-year-old transwoman, Urooj Hussain. She, after beating all the odds and with a spirit of never giving up marched forward to make her life a great success. What do you think, life was all roses for her? Well the answer is No! She faced harassment and was teased at her workplace. Even after going through a trauma that non of us could possibly understand but only sympathise, Urooj started her own restaurant in the name ‘Street Temptations’ in Noida last year. By the way, that is not it! She is also the co-founder of “I Love Noida”.

Urooj’s struggle are not new, they started from her childhood days itself.

Urooj was born in a small town of Bihar like a normal child and the birth gender that was assigned to her was a boy. But later Urooj realized that even though her body is like boys, but she feels like a girl, and this realization caused her a lot of difficulties. The family members wanted her to act like a boy, but she just couldn’t. Even in school, boys made fun of her and used to bully her. Eventually, Urooj started to question her gender.

Urooj never gave up and she completed her graduation and then enrolled in a hotel management course. In 2013, she moved to Delhi for work. But less she knew, it was going to be her worst nightmare. At the workplace also people used to harass her and touched her in wrong ways. Due to this, she started making distance from people and isolated herself, locking herself at home. She started feeling weak, lost and broken.

For 22 years of her life she lived looking like a boy and had no idea what she wanted. But then, one day, she came to know about the process of transition from male to female. With all hopes high she just knew what exactly she wanted.

In 2014, she decided to undergo the transition procedure. For this procedure, she went through a psychometric assessment test and then the laser treatment. At the time of treatment, she had to stay at home, due to which she experienced a lot of mood swings, started feeling lonely and had suicidal thoughts. But she overcame those feelings and started working at LGBT Friendly Hotels as a female from 2015 to 2017. 

Urooj wanted to do something on her own and decided to open a restaurant. But she faced a lot of difficulties in getting the restaurant. Because of her gender no one was ready to give her a shop. Then one of her friends helped in setting up the business. Finally, On 22nd November 2019, Urooj started a restaurant named ‘Street Temptations’ in Noida. But the problem didn’t end here, just after a few months, lockdown was announced. She again opened the restaurant in July and now she is getting online food orders of 4 to 5 thousand rupees.

Now Urooj is planning to expand her business and to open restaurants in all cities which will be operated only by transgender people.  She said that any transperson can freely and happily work at my restaurant without facing harassment.

Urooj is a lot more happier now, she is an entrepreneur, a social worker and an inspiration for all those transgender people who wants to achieve something in their life.

She is breaking the stereotypes set by society that transgender can only beg, clap and are sex workers. But the truth is transgender people can start their own business and can do jobs like any other human being.

Urooj also urged parents to tell their children to support transgender people and never harass or discriminate them. Urooj also has a complaint with Bollywood. She said that in movies, transgender people are shown as jokes or as sex symbols. Urooj wants that transgenders in Bollywood should be shown in meaningful characters, so that the society can get to know about the real transgenders.