On Saturday, a defence official informed that 270 US troops have arrived in Rajasthan to participate in a fortnight-long Indo-US joint military exercise along the Indo-Pak border.

Defense spokesman Lt Col Amitabh Sharma said that a contingent of 270 US troops arrived in Suratgarh in a special aircraft and left for Mahajan Field Firing Range, where a joint “war exercise” would begin.

This will be the 16th edition of the US military exercise under the military exchange program at the Mahajan Field Firing Range, adding that the exercise would continue until February 21.

Lt Col Sharma said that the Soldiers of 11th Battalion of Sapt Shakti Command of Jammu and Kashmir Rifles will participate in the exercise.

The US troops participated in the exercise belonging to the US Army’s 2nd, Infantry Battalion, 3rd, Infantry Regiment, and 1-2 Striker Brigade Combat Team.

In the context of global terrorism, practice with the US military is important in the context of the security challenges faced by both countries. The joint military exercise will increase the level of defense cooperation between the two armies, which will also promote bilateral relations between the two countries and reiterate India’s important role as a major partner in the Indo-Pacific region,

Lt Col Sharma said in his statement that this is one of the largest military training and defense cooperation efforts between India and the US. The joint exercise is another step in the growing military cooperation between the two countries which shows the continued strengthening of Indo-US relations. 

The practice is being conducted despite the COVID-19 epidemic that indicates the strength of bilateral relations and conveys a geo-strategic message to the environment.