A US-based woman has claimed that God gave her STD to turn her life around and further went on to call it ‘blessing’. The woman in question is identified as Alexandra Harbushka and hails from Las Vegas. According to reports, Alexandra contracted a sexually transmitted disease back in 2011, and has classified it as something of a divine intervention. Reportedly, Alexandra contracted STD when she was struggling with alcoholism, bad finances and tendency to binge-eat.

According to a Mail Online report, Alexandra suffers from oral and genital herpes, an ordeal that has made her life painful and challenging. However, she has tried to remain optimistic, and called getting herpes a divine intervention that helped her to turn her life around.

After accepting the difficult pair of cards she was dealt with, Alexandra practiced a much healthier diet, has worked on limiting her alcohol intake, and has worked on her binge-eating. In a TikTok video, she was quoted saying, “I believe that God was giving me messages along the way that I wasn’t on my path. I wasn’t being who I was meant to be.”

She has also gotten married, and is the mother of a son with her husband.

You know what they say – When life gives you lemons, call it a ‘blessing’ and make a lemonade.

The Facts of the Matter

Thanks to a woman based in US, news outlets have come out with a sentence never written before. A sentence which has STD, God, and blessing!

This is the story of Alexandra Harbushka, a Sin City resident who contracted STD in 2011, and since then has taken the disease as a blessing from God, and has tried to turn her life around.

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“God gave me herpes..”

“Finally, God gave me herpes so I would wake up, listen and make changes. I think God was showing me that my life wasn’t the one I was meant to be living, but he had to show me that through a physical manifestation,” she was quoted in a LADBible report saying.

“Getting herpes was a blessing in my life because it allowed me to focus on who I am and learn to love myself and grow with confidence,” she further added.

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Getting Contracted with STD

According to reports, Las Vegas resident contracted a sexually transmitted disease back in 2011 when she was at a bad juncture in her life. At that point of time, Alexandra was already struggling with poor finances, concerning alcohol intake, and binge-eating.

She continues to suffer from oral and genital herpes, and the latter makes her life particularly painful and challenging. Despite the same, Alexandra decided to work on herself and try to turn her life around.

Turning Life Around

Reportedly, Alexandra decided to start being on a healthier diet, has already put a cap on her alcohol intake, and worked on her binge-eating habits. She also went on to get married with a man and now has a son with the person.

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“God was giving me messages.”

Lately, she has been taking to TikTok and has been promoting awareness on STDs and how to cope with them. “I believe that God was giving me messages along the way that I wasn’t on my path. I wasn’t being who I was meant to be,’ she said in one of her TikTok videos.

“If we look at it like these changes improved my life and shaped me into the person that I am now, then it’s a blessing,” a LADBible report quoted her.


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