A US woman who was delivering pizza became the guardian angel of a customer and saved her life while she was on a DoorDash delivery route. The incident was reported from Massachusetts, US and transpired earlier on April 11, only to be reported by US local media this week. The incident came to the fore after the DoorDash delivery driver Sophia Furtado was recognized for her actions at a ceremony on Wednesday.

It just so happened that Sophia was assigned delivery of a pizza and took to Caryn Hebert Sullivan’s residence for delivery. When she reached Caryn’s house, she was shocked to see Caryn lying on ground outside with injury on her head. Sophia, who had some medical knowledge saw Caryn lying unresponsive and swung into action.

She first immediately screamed for help, which woke Caryn’s husband up. Sophia asked Caryn’s husband to get her some medical supplies and call 911. Emergency respondents on call joined forces with Sophia and gave her instructions on phone as help was dispatched right away.

Caryn was rushed to hospital and was admitted for three weeks. She suffered from wo brain bleeds. Following the long recovery, Caryn spoke to media and was quoted saying, “I am so thankful for her, she’s my guardian angel. Thank God she was there, if she wasn’t there, I’d be dead.”

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine driving down to a house to complete a food delivery and suddenly you are responsible for saving someone’s life. In US, a DoorDash delivery woman was out and about to deliver a pizza at a customer’s house when she saw the customer’s bad state and had to take charge of the matter.

“Saw a lot of white clouds”: Woman Falls Head First on Ground

Earlier on February 11, Caryn Sullivan ordered a late-night pizza and stepped out of her house in West Island, Massachusetts, to accept the delivery. Caryn, who already had an injury on her knee, somehow felt her knees giving up on her and she instantly dropped on the ground, with her head first. Speaking to CNN, Mrs. Caryn said, “I just remember laying on my driveway thinking, ‘This is pretty much over’. I was laying there and saw a lot of white clouds.”

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DoorDash Driver Spots Unresponsive Customer

Sophia Furtado, the DoorDash driver, pulled outside Caryn’s house at around 10 PM. Speaking about the fateful evening, Sophia said, “It was a normal night for me. I was almost at the end of my shift”. However, the normal night turned upside down when Sophia spotted an almost unresponsive Caryn bleeding from her head and lying on the ground.

Sophia Swings into Action, Gets Attention of Customer’s Husband

Forced into the difficult situation, Sophia quickly swung into action, and called for help. Caryn’s husband who had been asleep in the house heard Sophia’s calls and rushed outside. Sophia asked the husband to call 911 and give her some medical supplies. Speaking about the dreadful moment, Sophia said, “Caryn was unresponsive, and her eyes kept rolling to the back of her head. I felt like I was going to lose her.”

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“She became part of our team”: Emergency Responders

Sophia managed to speak to the emergency respondents on phone who later spoke about the matter saying, “At that moment Sophia became a part of our team to aid Caryn.” Jodoin told CNN, “I asked her if it was possible for her to keep stabilizing Caryn’s neck to keep her spine safe, her answer was, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’”
Reportedly, before medics could come, Sophia continued speaking to the emergency dispatcher and kept providing aid to Caryn.

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Sophia Received $1,000 from DoorDash

After being hospitalized for three weeks for two brain bleeds, Caryn was released and is still recovering. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, she met Sophia during an event where she was being recognized. Further, Sophia received a lifesaving award and a $1,000 from DoorDash.


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