In US, a woman who was held captive by her boyfriend survived as many as 2 months locked inside a small closet with little to no food. In a bittersweet aftermath, the woman was rescued, and the accused was arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping. The incident was reported from Tennessee, US and the 40-year-old victim was found to be in a frail condition, with several facial cuts on her face.

In a shocking incident, a woman was discovered hiding under a newly constructed house, with cuts on her face and weighing less than 100 pounds. She had allegedly been held captive for two long months by her own boyfriend, who had locked her inside a closet with a cable, allowing her out for only one hour a day.

The victim revealed that she had been forced to live in deplorable conditions, with no access to basic amenities such as food and bathroom facilities. Upon investigation, the police found evidence that matched the victim’s account, including human excrement.

The accused, identified as Brenton Bell, had reportedly been in a relationship with the victim, which had become physically abusive, leading to her being held captive. The woman managed to escape and informed a man working nearby about her ordeal.

The Facts of the Matter

Kidnapping is a heinous crime that can have long-lasting and devastating effects on the victims. Unfortunately, many kidnapping victims are subjected to horrors by those they are close to, such as family members, romantic partners, or acquaintances.

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Tennessee Woman Locked in Closet by BF

In one such heinous incident reported from Tennessee US, a 40-year-old kidnapping victim escaped from the horrific ordeal, after being locked in a closet with little to no food for as many as 2 months. The accused in the matter was the woman’s own boyfriend, who locked her up after their relationship got sour.

Woman Discovered with Facial Cuts, Under 100lbs

The incident was brought to the light by the Dyersburg Police Department, who took to Facebook to issue a statement.

“Officers arrived to find the victim hiding under a new construction home in the area. The 40-year-old victim had facial cuts and was reported to be very thin, weighing under 100 pounds. The victim reported that, for approximately two months, she was forced to stay in a closet that was locked by some type of locking device with a cable and was only allowed out of the closet for an hour a day,” the statement read.

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Evidence Matches Victim’s Statement

The statement also mentioned that the victim was given little to no food, and was forced to live in deplorable conditions without any facilities. Further investigation into the matter uncovered evidences falling in line with the victim’s statement, incluing human waste inside the residence where the victim was locked.

The woman was discovered by a man working in the area, who reported that she had approached him and claimed to have been kidnapped.

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Relationship Got Physically Abusive

Upon questioning, the woman revealed that her alleged captor was none other than her own boyfriend, Brenton Bell. The woman shared that their relationship had turned “physically abusive,” ultimately leading to her being kidnapped and held captive for weeks on end.

Bell was subsequently arrested by the police on an aggravated kidnapping charge, four days after the woman was discovered. The victim, who had endured extreme trauma during her captivity, was taken to West Tennessee Healthcare Dyersburg for treatment and was later released

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