In a story that almost reads like a film script, a woman in US survived after being stabbed and buried alive by her husband. What makes her story even more fascinating, is that she used her nose to escape the shallow grave her husband dug her in in.

The 42-year-old victim of the shocking crime, somehow wiggled her nose in the shallow grave, managing to create pockets of space which let her breathe and somehow find her second wind.

The incident was reported from Washington State, US and the woman who made the miraculous escape was identified as 42-year-old Young Sook An. Young An had been estranged to 53-year-old Chae Kyong An.

Earlier on Monday last week, officers of Thurston county responded to an emergency call where they found Young An hiding in a shed and screaming, “My husband is trying to kill me”. During questioning, she mentioned that her husband attacked her when they were discussing about their divorce.

Although she did somehow manage to send emergency notification through her Apple Watch, he later took the watch and broke it with a hammer. He then stabbed her repeatedly, and dug her in a shallow grave.

Young was buried for several hours, after which she somehow removed her duct tapes, and got out of the shallow grave.

The Facts of the Matter

In a case that may be turned into a true-crime documentary or podcast, a woman in US was stabbed by her husband multiple times, buried in the grave, and somehow still managed to survive the horrific ordeal.

The tenacious woman who survived her husband’s brutal attempts of killing her was identified as Young Sook An. Meanwhile, the accused husband was identified as Chae Kyong An.

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“My husband is trying to kill me”

According to a People report, the 42-year-old victim of the assault and stabbing made her way to a local in Washington state, and pounded their door sometime around 1 am on Tuesday last week. The woman was found by authorities hiding in a shade, screaming “My husband is trying to kill me”.

Young was rushed to a local hospital with extensive bruises on her legs and arms. She then told the investigators that her husband had kidnapped her from home, had driven her to a forest like area, stabbed her there and buried her alive.

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Argument Takes Nightmarish Turn

The 42-year-old woman’s nightmare began earlier on Tuesday when she was discussing divorce and money with her estranged husband. Matters took a turn for worse when her husband duct-taped her in her bedroom. Somehow, Young managed to send emergency notification to her contacts using her Apple Watch.

However, as her mouth was covered with duct tape, she couldn’t speak to anyone. Meanwhile, the accused husband Kyong smashed the watch with a hammer, and took his wife to a local wooded area where he started digging a hole.

Woman was Stabbed Repeatedly, Buried in Hole

He later stabbed her repeatedly multiple times on chest. Further, he covered the hole he dug with a tree, Young alleged. Young also told investigators that she could hear her husband walking near the hole and putting more dirt.

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The Miraculous Escape and The Aftermath

Showing utmost grit, Young claimed that she wiggled her nose in the dirt, which created small pockets of space, through which she was able to breathe. She somehow managed to tear off the duct tape, and then ran for several miles, to reach to a local’s house, narrating them the ordeal.

As per reports, the woman’s husband was arrested hours after his wife escaped the torturous conditions she was put into. Further investigation revealed that the woman has a domestic violence protection against the estranged husband. He is currently in jail without possibility of bail.


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