In a bizarre development regarding the Uthra murder case, a Kerala man was found guilty of murdering wife using cobra. The Kerala court found the man guilty of committing the heinous acts thanks to scientific and circumstantial evidence. Initially, the demise of 25-year-old Uthra was dismissed as simply a snakebite death, the case turned into a foul play one.

Now the punishment for Uthra’s husband, Sooraj, will be decided by the Kerala court on October 13. While cases of spouses murdering their partners are common, the Uthra murder case is a stark reminder of the dangers of a depraved and unchecked mind.


For decades, humans have relied on animals and have even included some animals in their homes as pets. While dogs and cats are loved and adored as pets; cows, pigs and other cattle are relied on for the meat, milk and fur.

But what if one uses an animal as a choice of weapon? What if one relies on a mute animal that will not open its mouth in its involvement in a crime?

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The Facts of the Matter

In a one-of-a-kind case, a Kerala man was found guilty of murdering a wife with the help of a Cobra. The bizarre incident happened as early as 2020 when a woman name Uthra was bitten by a Cobra and succumbed to the snakebite. The case was first dismissed by the local police as a snakebite death. However, thanks to complaints raised by her parents and their persistence in seeking justice, an investigation followed.

25-Year-Old Uthra Dies Of Snakebite

On the fateful day of May 7, 2020, 25-year-old Uthra died of snakebite when she was in Kollam, living at her parent’s place. The 25-year-old mother of 1 was bit by a cobra that was found in the same room where Uthra was found. The local police reported a case of death by snakebite. However, Uthra’s parents suspected foul play.

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Parents Allege Foul Play, Uthra Was Attacked by Snake Twice in 50 Days

Uthra’s parents’ suspicions arose from the fact that Uthra had been bitten earlier by snake on March, 2020 at her husband’s home. After that, she was hospitalized, and she was bedridden for the next few weeks.

The parent’s complaint and their persistence led the higher-ups in the Kerala police to look at the matter with more focus and soon an investigation was launched. During the investigation, it was hypothesized that Uthra’s husband Sooraj had hatched the plan of killing Uthra by having a snake bite her.

Husband had Bought Viper and Cobra, Attempted to Kill Second Time

During the investigation, the police claimed that Sooraj had bought a viper first, and a cobra later, both from the same snake charmer to kill his wife. While Sooraj’s first attempt to kill his wife failed, he implemented the plan for the second time.

Sooraj himself publicly made a confession in June 2021 that he had bought the two snakes for Rs. 10,000 from a snake charmer in Kollam’s Parippally region.

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How Police Came to Conclusion?

The team handling the investigation chose to reconstruct the crime scene to ascertain the truth. The police chose a forest department’s training zone where they had a snake attack a dummy. The police then analysed the wound, the marks, and other details which led them to form a more scientific theory.

According to the police, when the snake bit the dummy after being poked, the bite marks were of 1.7 cm. Meanwhile, if the snake was taken by the hand, the marks were much larger – 2cm to 2.4cm.

Uthra Was Harassed Due to Dowry: Parents

The police have opined that Uthra and Sooraj had been living in a strained relationship. Meanwhile, Uthra’s parents have alleged that Sooraj and his family harassed their daughter for dowry. The parents also revealed that they gave Sooraj a car, property, Rs. 10 lakhs cash and gold in the form of dowry. But Uthra was regularly harassed for more dowry by her in-laws.