Days after the heinous Shradha Walker case, a man in Uttar Pradesh chopped his ex-girlfriend in six pieces with his family’s help, and was later shot dead in an encounter. The incident was reported from Paschimi village in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh and the accused was identified as Prince Yadav. The victim in the matter has been identified as 22-year-old Aradhna Prajapati. The horrific killing occurred earlier on November 10.

The accused’s family and relatives including maternal uncles, aunts, cousin brothers and sisters, have been reported to be co-accused in the matter, helping the accused get shelter after he committed the crime. When Aradhna’s family decided a groom for her and married her to another boy earlier in February, the accused harbored rage for her, which later transpired in him killing the girl.

The accused gave a confession earlier on November 19, and was taken to a pond, 6 km away from the native village where he had dumped the victim’s head. While the police were searching for further evidence in the area, the accused tried to escape by opening fire using a country made pistol that he recovered at the spot.

In defence, the cops fired and the accused suffered bullet injuries, and later succumbed to the same.

The Facts of the Matter

While the collective conscience of the country was shaken to the core in the aftermath of the Shradha Walker murder case, crimes against women continue to be witnessed at different corners of the nation.

In yet another heinous crime reported from Uttar Pradesh, which ranks the highest in crimes against women as per NCRB’s 2021 report, a 22-year-old woman was chopped to pieces by her ex-boyfriend. The accused in the matter was later killed in an encounter after he tried to flee and shot at the cops.

The incident is being reported from UP’s Azamgarh and the accused in the matter has been identified as Prince Yadav.

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Victim had Gone Missing

As per reports, the cops were investigating the case of Aradhana, who was missing since November 10. The locals meanwhile discovered a mutilated corpse of a woman inside a well. During investigation, the police started suspecting Prince, and took him into questioning on November 19. In the sustained interrogation, the accused confessed to have killed Aradhana.

On Sunday, a team of cops took him to the pond, and tried to recover the victim’s body parts, along with any other evidences. They were able to recover the head and other parts of the victim’s body dumped in the pond.

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Accused Gets Shot in Encounter

While the cops continued to investigate the scene, the accused recovered a country made pistol, that he had hidden in a field, and tried to make a run for it by firing on the cops. The cops retaliated as well, and the accused sustained injuries. He was later rushed to a hospital where he was declared dead.

The Fatal Affair

According to reports, the accused had an affair with the victim for the last two years, and was enraged that her family had fixed her marriage to another man.

The accused tried to pressurize the victim into changing her mind, which she was not ready to.

On November 9, the accused convinced the victim to visit a nearby temple. After their visit at a temple, they had food, and the accused took the victim to her maternal uncle’s place. The accused strangled the victim, and with the help of his cousin Sarvesh, chopped the victim’s body in six pieces.

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Rs 25 k Reward to Find Co-Accused

The accused’s parents have been charged with conspiracy, while the uncles, aunts and Sarvesh, have been accused of murder. Sarvesh, the accused’s cousin, has been on run and a cash reward of Rs 25,000 has been announced for anyone that may help the cops to nab him.


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