In a horrific incident, in Uttar Pradesh, a three-year-old dies, thanks to the courtesy of doctors, where no money is equal to no treatment, which in this case was no stitches, leading to the death of the little one.

This three-year-old girl died because the doctors didn’t stitch her wounds as the family couldn’t pay the dues.

A private hospital in Prayagraj reportedly handed over a toddler to her family members with open cuts because the family were unable to pay the full cost of the surgery.

The team of doctors who were performing abdominal surgery on the little girl did not stitch her up due to unsettled bills of hospital by the family. An enquiry has been instigated into the incident as it triggered an outrage on social media.

As per the reports, a resident of Kaushambi district’s Manjhanpur town, the three-year-old girl complained of pain in her abdominal area and accordingly her family got her admitted to the United Medicity hospital in Prayagraj. After all the checks and assessment by the doctors in the hospital a surgery was ruled. The doctors decided to perform the surgery on the little girl, but the girl was handed over to the family without giving stitches as her family was not able to clear the bill of Rs 5 lakh which was raised by the hospital.

While on the other hand, Satpal Gulati, the Vice Chairman of United Group said that the girl was admitted in their hospital for about 15 days. Eventually when her condition started to decay, she was operated on. After the operation she was kept under observation. For all the services they weren’t charged any money, the services were provided free of cost given their financial condition and also the fact that they were poor. When her condition got worse and she still didn’t recover, she was referred to Medical College following which her family took her out of there the next day.

Further Clarification on the open cuts was given by Gulati, wherein he said, the wound was stitched. Apparently, it might have been that when she was being treated somewhere else, while they checked the kid, stitches would’ve opened up or maybe stitches were cut open for checking.

The National Commission for protection of child Rights has asked the district collector to conduct an in-depth inquiry on the matter. The Commission has also asked to lodge an FIR under relevant IPC sections and have recommended to take strict action against doctors and staff of the hospital. Furthermore, the Commission has also demanded for a factual action against the report in 24-hours and has asked to provide compensation to the family.

In this matter the district administration has also launched an enquiry. Prayagraj DM Bhanu Chandra Goswami has formed a committee, which has two members who are responsible for conducting an investigation into the matter.

Prayagraj CMO informed that the District Magistrate has formed a team to investigate the matter and also added that a postmortem is in progress.

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