In Uttar Pradesh, a petrol pump owner escaped kidnapping attempt thanks to his vigilant staff. Dramatic video of the incident shows how multiple men tried to abduct the businessman before they fled when staff of the pump intervened. The incident occurred in Tarna area in Uttar Pradesh’s Shivpuri earlier on Thursday evening.

In the now gone viral CCTV footage of the incident, a man in yellow shirt can be seen walking on his own petrol pump when suddenly a group of men sneak up behind him. All the staffers at the pump can be seen working on their duties when suddenly an argument breaks out between the man in yellow shirt and his abductors.

One of the abductors gives a sign and calls for the getaway vehicle. The argument escalates and the accused group corners the petrol pump owner. Soon, a black coloured SUV enters the frame and the accused group tries to push the accused into it.

However, soon the security guard of the petrol pump intervenes and foils the abduction attempt. Other staffers too take heed of the commotion and rushes to rescue the businessman.

It should be noted that a similar incident was reported from Tamil Nadu, where police arrested four men in connection of another failed kidnapping attempt of a petrol pump owner.

The Facts of the Matter

Owning a business is a challenging job, and the more value a business brings, the higher the stakes. This is especially true for people who own godowns, petrol pumps, and other large businesses with crores in revenue.

Recently, a petrol pump owner in Uttar Pradesh got into a horrific ordeal which thankfully ended in him being saved. The business owner was about to be abducted by a group of men when his staff intervened and saved him. The incident occurred in UP’s Shivpuri earlier on Thursday.

CCTV footage of the incident has since been making rounds of social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

The dramatic video shows a man in yellow shirt walking on the premises of his petrol pump as other staffers of the establishment go on about their jobs.

Out of nowhere, a group of men sneaks up behind him and walk beside him without raising alarm. The group then corners the man in yellow shirt and an argument ensues between the two sides. The argument further escalates as the group corners the petrol pump owner.

Meanwhile, a man from the group raises his hand and signals something. Soon, a black SUV enters the frame, possibly the getaway car for the abductors. The abductors soon push and shove the businessman in an attempt to get him inside the car.

However, a security guard intervenes in the nick of time and foils the attempt. Other staffers also spot the commotion and intervene to save the petrol pump owner.

Watch the Video here:

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Accused Faced Resistance, Fled the Scene

According to officials, the four accused tried to kidnap the petrol pump owner after an argument broke out between them. After their abduction attempt foiled, the accused faced strong resistance from the staff of the petrol pump. Despite the same, they somehow managed to flee the scene. A case has been registered against the accused and based on CCTV footage; efforts are on to nab them.


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