In a horrifying incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a teenaged girl was dragged out of an auto, molested and assaulted by four men who are yet to be arrested. According to reports, the incident transpired back on April 24, only to be reported on Wednesday earlier this week and was reported to have occurred near Dhanepur area in Uttar Pradesh. Reportedly, the four youths dragged the teenaged survivor out of the auto, took her to the roadside bushes, tore her clothes and molested her later. Reportedly the four youths also made a video of their horrific deed.

According to Hindustan Times report, a village near Dhanepur was on her way to see her ailing mother with her sister’s daughter when the four accused assaulted the teenaged survivor. Following the incident, the police filed an FIR against the accused and a search is on to nab them. Gonda Additional Superintendent of Police Shivraj also told reporters that the accused shared the video of the incident on social media.

Incidentally, the national capital also reported a case of assault on Thursday. In Delhi, a woman was dragged and slapped by two youths in Amar Colony after the woman tried to intervene their heated argument.

The Facts of the Matter

In Uttar Pradesh’s Dhanepur district, a teenage girl was reportedly dragged out of an auto she was in to be later assaulted and molested by four youths. According to reports, the survivor was traveling in the autorickshaw with her aunt in a village near the Dhanepur police station area in district. While the incident took place earlier on April 23, it was Wednesday this week when the police informed the media about the matter.

Survivor Was With her Aunt in Auto

It should be noted that the name of the survivor and the four accused have still not been reported. On April 23, the girl was accompanying her aunt who was going to see her ailing mother in another villager near Dhanepur district.

4 Youths Drag Teenage Survivor Out of Auto

While on their way, the autorickshaw was ambushed and the girl was dragged out of vehicle and taken to bushes on the roadside. On the scene of crime, the accused youths allegedly tore the survivor’s clothes, molested her and assaulted her. Further, the four youths also took a video of the entire ordeal.

Search On, No Arrests As of Now

According to Gonda Additional Superintendent of Police, Shivraj, a wide-search has been initiated to nab the four youths. The ASP also told media that the accused also took to social media and shared the video of the incident. An FIR has already been filed against the accused on the survivor’s aunt’s complaint.

Delhi: Woman Slapped by Youths in Car, Dragged

Incidentally, the news emerged when a similar incident was reported from the national capital. Reportedly, a woman was dragged out of auto and slapped by two youths in a car in Delhi’s Amar Colony. The woman alleged that the accused slapped her and dragged her for a few meters, following which she filed a complaint. A video of the incident shared by Times Now has been making rounds of social media.

As per the woman’s allegations, the two youths were having a heated argument on the road. The woman, whose cab was blocked due to the argument, tried to intervene. The accused was told to mind her own business.

The woman also claimed that she slapped one of the accused after he started abusing her. This was when the accused slapped her several times. When she tried to stop the accused’s car, she was dragged for a few meters.

One of the accused in the matter has been arrested while one still remains on the run. An FIR has been filed under multiple sections of IPC, including Section 34, Section 323, and Section 509.


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