In a shocking incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a woman addicted to Ludo, ended up betting herself in a game she played against the landlord. After losing the game, the woman has reportedly started to live with the landlord, despite various attempts of her husband trying to convince her otherwise. The incident is being reported from Devkali locality in Bhagalpur Block of Deoria District.

The woman, identified as Renu, was addicted to gamble on Ludo games with the money of her husband. Her husband, who is posted in Jaipur, Rajasthan, for work, used to send her money, which she used to gamble away. Renu reportedly used to play Ludo regularly with her landlord.

During one such games with her landlord, both Renu and the landlord started placing bets while playing ludo. When she ran out of all her money her husband gave, she put herself at stake. As situation would have it, Renu lost the game and “lost herself” to her landlord.

She later told her husband about the ordeal, who came to Pratapgarh and registered a complaint to the police. An India Today report quoted the husband sharing his plight and saying, “I tried to make her leave him, but she is not ready to do it.” Renu has been living with the landlord after losing the bet.

The Facts of the Matter

In old Bollywood films, a popular trope of establishing an addict’s character used to be the addict putting his wife or his family at stake only to continue his addiction. The filmy situation recently became a reality in Uttar Pradesh, where a woman ended up betting herself in a game of Ludo with her landlord. The woman in question reportedly lost the game, and has since been living with the landlord in question.

The bizarre turn of events was reported from Devkali locality in Bhagalpur Block of Deoria District, Uttar Pradesh.

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Woman Used to Spend Husband’s Money on Ludo

As per an India Today report, Renu, living in Uttar Pradesh, was addicted to playing Ludo and losing away money. She reportedly used to bet the money her husband, posted in Rajasthan, used to send her. A Ludo addict, the woman used to regularly play with her landlord, and continued to lose money.

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Betting Self, Losing to Landlord

All hell broke loose when on one such days, Renu lost all the money her husband had given her. Despite losing the money, Renu wanted to continue playing with her landlord, and ended up putting herself on stake.

As if things could go any wrong, the woman ended up losing the particular game where she had bed herself. She later told her husband about the entire ordeal. Her husband later came from Jaipur, Rajasthan, to Pratapgarh, and filed a complaint with the cops.

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Woman Starts Living with Landlord After Losing in Ludo

He also took to social media to share his plight. In an India Today report, the husband mentioned that after losing the game to the landlord, his wife has been staying with him. “I tried to make her leave him, but she is not ready to do it,” she added, as quoted in India Today.

Meanwhile, the local cops are trying to get in touch with the landlord, and will investigate the matter more deeply.

While the incident may sound strange, it should be noted that this is not the first-time Ludo has been the cause of distress in family. In 2020, a woman took her father to the family court after he beat her in the popular game. The 24-year-old woman from Bhopal had harbored resentment against her father after he defeated her in Ludo multiple times.


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