In a horrifying incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a woman reportedly threw an infant in front of a tractor to stop the vehicle amid a property dispute. According to reports, the woman threw her own newborn girl in the chaos to somehow get leverage in the dispute.

The shocking incident of negligent parenting was reported from Lale Mau village in Uttar Pradesh’s Gonda district occurred on Sunday. Thankfully, the little girl did not suffer any injuries in the mayhem.

According to reports, it all started when there was a dispute due to land among two brothers. Matters escalated when one of the brothers tried to plough over his brother’s farm to make his claim over the piece of land.

To make sure the land remained unpossessed by his brother-in-law and stop the tractor, the mother of the infant daughter simply threw the child. The entire incident was caught on camera by residents, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

Later a panchayat was held in the matter, and it was revealed that the brother never fights his own battle during the disputes and pushes his wife forward. This is exactly what happened on Sunday.

Following the incident, it was reported that an investigation will be conducted in the matter.


According to National Crime Records Bureau’s last report which was for 2020, India reported over 29,000 murder cases (29,017). In the same report, the state-run burau also listed 19 reasons, including ‘dispute’, affairs, dowry, religious reasons, etc, which triggered the cases.

Of the total number of murders, dispute accounted to 10,404 such cases. ‘Dispute’ is an umbrella term in the report, which includes reasons including ‘property dispute’, ‘water dispute’, ‘petty quarrel’, ‘family dispute’, road rage, etc.

Recently, a horrific incident triggered due to property dispute occurred in Uttar Pradesh, which could’ve been the reason for an infant’s death.

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The Facts of the Matter

Crossing all boundaries of negligence, a mother in Uttar Pradesh reportedly threw her infant daughter in front of tractor, just so she could have an upper hand in an ongoing property dispute. The incident was reported from Gonda district’s Lale Mau village.

Dispute Leads to Child Endangerment

According to reports, two brothers were locked in a property related dispute in the village. This was when one of the brothers decided to plough the other brother’s farm to claim possession. However, the wife of the other brother made sure that the property remained unclaimed, at the cost of her own infant’s safety.

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Tractor Stops at the Right Moment

As soon as the tractor started moving further into the piece of land, the woman decided to come in front of it and threw her infant daughter in front of the vehicle. The shocking ordeal was caught on video, visuals of which are making rounds of social media. Thankfully, the tractor driver stopped the vehicle at the right time, causing no injuries to the child.

More Revelations in Panchayat

A panchayat was held regarding the matter where more facts about the dispute emerged. During panchayat it was revealed that the brother of the woman who threw the infant never gets involved in disputes and pushes her instead.

According to Akash Tomar, SP Gonda, the video clip was received by the police and a probe has been launched into the matter. He also informed that the police will take appropriate action once the investigation is carried out.

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Telangana Mother Kills 1-year-old Mentally and Physically Unwell Daughter

In another equally heart wrenching incident reported from Telangana, a woman allegedly killed her 1-year-old daughter, who was physically and mentally unwell, and then cooked up a story of being a victim of chain snatching incident.

The accused woman had initially told police that her one-year-old baby passed away after falling into a pit when she was attacked by chain snatcher near her house. However, further investigation hinted to the fact that the woman was lying.

Later, the woman confessed that she killed the baby as it would have been a challenge to the infant and for herself because of the infant’s health issues.


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