Cops in Uttarakhand had to work a compromise between two parties after an Uttarakhand bride reportedly called off her wedding because her wedding lehnga was not mehenga. The surprising turn of events was reported from Uttarakhand’s Haldwani district and occurred earlier last week. The expected day for both the bride and groom’s side ended with them having to explain themselves at a police station where cops too failed to convince them to come to a compromise.

Earlier last week, a bride reportedly threw a tantrum after the groom’s side brought her a lehenga worth only Rs 10,000. When she found out that she was not being gifted a ‘mehanga-lehenga” (expensive wedding attire), she decided to call off the wedding.

When the two sides did not agree on the wedding being cancelled, they reached the Kotwali police station. What followed for next hours were heated arguments and debate in the police station regarding the lehenga which caused all the drama.

While the cops did try their best for the two sides to get back together and make amends, the two sides met on a compromise that it’s best for both of them to go their separate ways.

Earlier this year, a bride in Uttar Pradesh called off her wedding while she was getting married after she learned that her groom was bald and had a wig on.

The Facts of the Matter

For couples and families across the nation, marriage is one special occasion where they can spend to their heart’s content. While couples may not be able to have big fat Indian weddings, they do go to lengths to buy good clothes, venue that best fits their needs, and often go all-out in planning their entries.

However, in Uttarakhand, a bride was so miffed about the fact that her wedding outfit was not expensive, she simply decided to call things off. The entire incident occurred in Rajpura area in Uttarakhand’s  Haldwani district.

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Wedding Preps in Full Swing, Bride Annoyed by Lehenga

According to reports, the bride in question was already engaged to a man. However, when she got to know that the wedding lehenga she is supposed to be wearing on the D-day cost “only Rs 10,000), she had an outburst of anger.

Reportedly, the couple were to be married earlier on November 5. The wedding invites were duly sent and the preparations were on full swing. However, things changed dramatically when the girl saw the lehenga and threw a tantrum in front of her family.

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Groom’s Father Gave ATM to Bride to Buy Lehenga

The boy’s side did try to explain that they had bought the lehenga specially from Lucknow. However, this did not impress the bride, who remained outraged. The boy’s father went as far as giving the bride the ATM card to get a lehenga of her choice. However, she decided to stick with her decision to not get married.

Soon, both the parties took to the Kotwali police station and told police about the entire situation.

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Arguments Galore at Police Station Over “No Mehenga Lehenga”

What followed next was hours of heated arguments and name-calling. The police tried the two sides to make amends and get over the issue. But the two sides came to a compromise, which meant cancelling the marriage itself. All this over “no mehenga lehenga”!

After much debating in the presence of the two senior police officers, the two sides mutually agreed that its best they go their separate ways.

It should be noted that in the past several brides and grooms have called off their weddings for all kinds of reasons.


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