After making misogynistic statements about ripped jeans, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat has tested positive for COVID-19 and is again making news. The newly appointed Chief Minister took to twitter to confirm the news and wrote, “My corona test report came back positive. I’m fine and I have no problem. I have isolated myself under the supervision of doctors. Those of you who have come in close contact with me in the last few days, please be cautious and get yourself checked.”

The news of the Uttarakhand Chief Minister contracting the highly infectious COVID-19 virus comes just a day after he assured Indian devotees that all “unnecessary” restrictions imposed for the Mahakumbh will be lifted for the event. Rawat on Saturday claimed that “faith of Mahakumbh devotees will overcome the fear”.

Rawat was quoted by news agencies saying, “I invite all devotees across the world to come to Haridwar and take a holy dip in the Ganga during Mahakumbh. Nobody will be stopped in the name of COVID-19 as we are sure the faith in God will overcome the fear of the virus.”

Rawat’s statement was slammed from health care experts and Congress party as the country is already seeing the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic infecting a large number of people already.

Ripped Jeans-RIP Freedom of Choice

Mr. Tirath Singh Rawat has been making one controversy after other in the recent times. Earlier last week, Mr. Rawat made misogynistic comments regarding women’s choice to wear ripped jeans. The newly appointed Chief Minister said how showing ‘bare knees’ by wearing ripped jeans to appear rich is a value given to the youth to follow Western culture while the Western world itself is following Indian culture. Rawat also added how wearing ripped jeans is paving the way for a societal breakdown and is a bad example set by parents.

Rawat allegedly gave reference to the attire of a woman who was in the same flight as him. He described the woman wearing ripped jeans, bangles in her hands and two children by her side. He said how the woman ran an NGO, is an active part of the society and said he wondered the kind of values the woman would be giving to her children.

His comment brew a storm on social media and several activists, female politicians and Indian netizens came together to oppose his comment.

The Uttarakhand CM later on Friday apologized to people if it hurt anybody. At the same time, the minister reiterated his objection on ripped jeans and said he has no problem with jeans but wearing ‘torn’ jeans is ‘not right’. He then justified his comment and told media that he was referring to children who buy expensive jeans and then cut them with scissors.

“Why didn’t you have 20 kids to get more rations?” CM Rawat stirs controversy yet again

It almost seems as if the newly appointed CM is either too fond of staying in news by making problematic comments, or problematic comments somehow make their way to him. On Sunday, Mr. Rawat found himself in another controversy when he was quoted saying Indian people should have produced more children to get their hands on extra ration during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The shocking comment from Mr. Rawat came when he was addressing a large number of people in an event in Ramnagar, Nainital. In the event, Mr. Tirath was heard saying, “Har gharmein per unit 5 kilo ration dene ka kamkiya. Jiske 10 thaitoh 50 kilo aa gaya, 20 thaitoh quintal aa gaya, 2 thaitoh 10 kilo aa gaya,” (Each household was alloted 5 kg ration per unit. Families with 10 members got 50kg, families with 20 members got a quintal, families with only 2 people got 2kg).

Mr. Rawat continued and said that the difference of rations being provided created jealousy among families. “Ki mujhe to 2 hain to 10 kilo mila, 20 wale ko quintal kyunmila? Bhaiyya ismein dosh kiska? Usne 20 paidakiya, aapne 2 paidakiye, to uskoek quintal mil raha, ab ismeinjalankahe ka? Jab samaytha to aapne 2 hi paidakiye, 20 kyunnahikiya” (I only have 2 kids, so I only got 10 kgs, family with 20 kids got a quintal! Whose fault is it? The other person had 20 kids, so they got 1 quintal. Why are you jealous? When you had the time, you only produced 2 kids, why didn’t you have 20 kids.)

Rawat’s remarks again made a lot of controversy with opposition Congress party highlighting how the country is still facing overpopulation while the government is taking steps to control it, but CM Rawat is asking people to have more kids to get rations.


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