In a one-of-a-kind initiative, Uttarakhand is now offering a ‘real-life jail experience’ to tourists for Rs 500 per night, and also claims that the jail time will help with “bandhan yog”. The initiative is being widely shared on social media and is doing rounds on forums where travelers are looking for experiencing something absolutely new and unique. When it comes to experiencing something new & unique, we surely feel that a real-life jail experience is as unusual as it can be.

Reports state that travelers will be allowed to soak in the jail experience in the Haldwani prison which was built sometime around 1903. It should be noted that only a section of the prison will be prepared to accommodate travelers and give them ‘real-life jail experience. Meanwhile, the jail’s armoury and staff quarters are not slated to host visitors.

Strangely enough, the initiative is also aimed at helping travelers alleviate their horoscope issues. The jail will serve as a safe haven to “recommended travelers” who will be advised by their astrologers to stay in prison and ward off their “bandhan yog”.

Deputy jail superintendent, Satish Sukhija, told TOI that the jail frequently received “orders” from unnamed senior officials to allow “recommended persons” to stay in the barracks. These “inmates” are provided by uniforms, and are served food made in prison kitchen.

The Facts of the Matter

Travelers across the world are always in the pursuit of traveling and experiencing the most unique places. From treacherous mountain tops, to lonely rainforests, the thrill of “new”, motivates travelers across the world to take leaps of faiths.

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Stay Like Prisoners without Committing Crime

To provide such travelers another unique experience, the Haldwani prison administration has come up with unique idea. Now, travelers can pay Rs 500, and enjoy ‘real-life’ jail experience.

Yes! For Rs 500 you can feel what an inmate feels, see what an inmate sees, and do what an inmate does, all without committing a crime and suffering its consequences.

Section of Haldwani Prison Being Prepared

The travelers seeking the novel experience will be accommodated in a section of the Haldwani prison. The prison, which was built in 1903, is over 100 years old. There’s a section of the jail, which housed staff and had an armoury. This particular section is not available for tourists.

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The Astrology-Angle to Initiative

Interestingly enough, the ‘jail-experience’ also has an astrology-angle to it. For years, astrologers have advised people to ward off their “Bandhan Yog” by staying in a jail-like institution. The Haldwani jail will be a safe haven for those people who want to ward of their “bandhan yog” as well.

Satish Sukhija, the jail superintendent, was quoted in a TOI report saying, “All such cases are mainly of people whose astrologers predict that a jail term is inevitable as per the planetary positions in their horoscope.”

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Travelers Would Be Provided With Clothing, Food

The “real-life jail experience” in Haldwani would entail a traveler paying Rs 500 for their stay, and being provided with prison uniform, and food prepared in prison.

Mr. Sukhija also told TOI that in the past he had received orders from several senior officials who “recommended” people that needed to be “imprisoned” to ward off the bandhan yog. After receiving many such requests, Sukhija created a proposal where a section of jail would be reserved only for such individuals.


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