In a baffling incident reported from Vadodara, a woman filed an FIR against her husband after she found out that he was a woman. The woman found the startling piece of information 8 years after her marriage.

The woman, Pooja (name changed) recently took to the Gotri police station filed the shocking complaint against her husband, claiming that he had a sex change operation, and hid the fact from her for eight years. The complaint has been booked under provisions of cheating and unnatural sex. A TOI report claims that the complaint has been filed against Dr Viraj who was named Vijita, a woman. The complainant named the family members of the husband in the complaint as well.

According to reports, the couple got married back in February 2014 and went for a honeymoon to Kashmir. Initially, the husband refusal of consummating the marriage shocked his wife. The husband told his wife that he was incapable of having intercourse as an injury left him incapacitated.

The man kept giving excuses to his wife for weeks and months into their marriage. When the wife did insist on being told the truth, the husband claimed that he had gone to Russia and an accident had rendered him incapable of being intimate.

For now, the accused has been brought to Vadodara and detained on the basis of the complaint.

The Facts of the Matter

For most, marriage is just a part and parcel of a “normal life”. However, a woman in Vadodara was in for a shock after she found out that her husband was actually a woman before her marriage. The 40-year-old woman, Pooja (name changed), has filed a complaint against her husband. The accused has been booked under sections of cheating and unnatural sex.

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The “Happy Marriage”

Earlier on Friday this week, Pooja approached the Gotri police station and filed a complaint against her husband Dr Viraj, who was Vijaita prior to her wedding. In her complaint, the woman mentioned that she got married to Viraj back in February 2014 in presence of friends and family, and went to a honeymoon in Kashmir as well.

The Excuse

When her husband didn’t consummate the marriage, Pooja was startled. For days, the husband kept giving multiple excuses for not consummating their marriage. When Pooja insisted on being told the truth, her husband revealed that he had gone to Russia once, and due to an accident, there, he was rendered incapable of being intimate.

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The “Surgery”

The husband told her wife that after a minor surgery, things would be back to normal. Earlier in January 2020, her husband went to Kolkata on the pretext of having a surgery to reduce obesity. However, later he told his wife that he had actually gone to Kolkata to have male organs implanted and not have obesity reduction surgery.

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The Complaint & Aftermath

In her complaint, Pooja also complained that her husband started performing “unnatural sex” and threatened of dire consequences if she would speak about the same.

For now, the accused husband has been brought to Vadodara and has been detained. The complainant also named the family members in her complaint with the police.


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