In Vellore, a new cement road was laid without a man’s parked motorcycle being removed. The incident was reported from Kaliamman Koil Street near Gandhi Road where the city’s municipal corporation was competing a project by laying a road under the Smart Cities Mission. The motorcycle’s owner, S. Murugan, was shocked to find his motorcycle stuck to the newly cemented road in Vellore.

According to a New Indian Express report, the vehicle owner was not told about the new road being laid down. When he woke up the next day, he found his vehicle embedded to the newly cemented vehicle. After the story quickly went viral on social media, the city’s municipal corporation’s chief Ashok Kumar came to the spot and took a stock of the situation.

The workers from the municipal corporation were once again called, the man’s vehicle was removed, and a new patch up work was completed. So far it has not been reported if the contractor was suspended or any action were taken against him for his actions.

Earlier last week, a similar controversy emerged when the Bengaluru’s civic authority received flak for its shoddy work. Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, the city’s civic authority had fixed a patch of road for Rs. 6.05 crores. However, barely a day after his visit, the “fixed road” caved in.

The Facts of the Matter

Imagine waking up one morning and finding your vehicle affixed on a newly cemented road. A Vellore resident faced similar ordeal when he wasn’t informed about the patch of road in Kaliamman Koil Street being cemented. When he woke one day, he was stunned to find his motorcycle’s wheels stuck completely in the newly cemented road.

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What is Smart Cities Mission?

The incident was reported from Vellore’s Kaliamman Koli Street where the city’s municipal corporation was laying road under the Centre’s ambitious Smart Cities Mission. For the unversed, the Smart Cities Mission was kicked off in 2015 under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs’ guidance.

Man Parks Motorcycle, Finds it Fixed

Earlier last week, S. Murugan parked his motorcycle at his usual parking spot outside a shop. The same night, he went to his home. Meanwhile, the workers, who never informed him about the road work, simply carried on with fixing the road. They further didn’t even ask him to move his vehicle, so as to avoid further inconvenience.

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“I was shocked…”

In a New Indian Express report, S. Murugan was quoted saying, “We were at the spot as late as 11 pm but they didn’t inform us. When I came to see the bike in the morning, I was shocked. They have also closed the discharge channel nearby. How will the rainwater drain now?”.

Road Repair after Man’s Plight Goes Viral

After the man’s plight garnered enough attention on social media, the city’s municipal corporation’s chief Ashok Kumar reached to the spot and took stock of the situation. Following his inspection, the man’s vehicle was removed and the road was patched up again.

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Man’s Car Gets Stuck On Speedbreaker

The incident comes a few days after civic authorities’ bad sense of construction caused another man mighty inconvenience on the road. In Bhopal, a man was shocked to find himself getting stuck on a speed breaker.

The man in question, Abhishek Sharma took to Twitter and shared a picture of his SUV, Kia Seltos, getting stuck on a speed breaker. Sharma revealed how he had to struggle for hours to get his car freed. After hours of struggle, Sharma had no other option but to tow the SUV.


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