The video of a horse stomping over ‘baraatis’ after getting agitated over blaring music in a wedding procession is going viral on social media. While no casualties were reported in the matter, at least 6 people are reported to be injured in the aftermath of the incident. The incident was reported from Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The video gone viral shows several people having a blast in the wedding procession. The loudspeakers are blaring loud music and ‘tere ishq mein nachenge’ plays in the background. ‘Baraatis’ in the procession can be seen grooving and gyrating to the superhit song, and some are even seen throwing currency notes in the air like there’s no tomorrow.

One can also see a horse surrounded by a sea of wedding baraatis. The horse is standing next to loudspeakers connected to a vehicle. Obviously agitated with the loud music and the crowd, the horse gets its hooves up and gallops ahead, piercing the sea of people. In an attempt to get away from the music and sea of people, the horse can be seen stomping some people in its way.

For decades, Hindu-weddings have witnessed female horses being put in the job to transport the bride from his home to the wedding venue. The horse is accompanied by friends and family in a procession called ‘baaraat’.

The Facts of the Matter

In 2021, ahead of the wedding season in India, PETA was in the eye of the storm for its take on abuse horses become victims of during wedding ceremonies like baraat. Hardcore followers of Indian tradition paid no heed to the actual issue, and took PETA to task after the animal rights activist group tweeted, “Using horses at wedding ceremonies is ABUSIVE and CRUEL.”

While nothing substantial emerged out of PETA’s requests, a recent video shows the extent of abuse horses in wedding ceremonies endure, and the consequences it can have on people.

Recently, a ‘baraat’ saw six people getting injured, after a horse got agitated due to blaring music from loudspeakers and the crowd of sea it was surrounded with. The horse stomped anyone that came in its way, and hence, six people were reported to be injured.

The incident was reported from Hamirpur, UP, and occurred earlier on Monday. Visuals from the scene show how the horse got agitated and what became of people that came in its way.

What Does the Video Show?

The video gone viral shows loudspeakers blaring Raja Hindustani’s superhit dance song ‘Tere Ishq Mein Nachenge’. A sea of men and women can be seen dancing and gyrating to the song. The loudspeakers are connected to a procession-vehicle. Like any Indian baraat, a horse, decorated with all the frills can also be seen inching further ahead.

As the wedding baraati’s dance like there’s no tomorrow, with some even throwing currency in the air, the baraat horse gets agitated. Many reports are claiming that the horse got triggered due to the sea of people surrounded it in a small space, and the blaring music from the loudspeakers.

The agitated horse puts its hooves up, gallops ahead, and unwittingly stomps anyone and everyone that comes in its way.

Watch the Video Here:

What Caused the Horse to Lose Control?

According to reports, the six people who were injured during the wedding, were rushed to the nearby hospital. They were all treated for minor injuries and no casualties were reported in the incident.

Locals told media that as per an old tradition of making the horse ‘dance’, the horse attender was trying to make the horse dance, which caused the horse to lose control and run through the crowd, causing a stampede like situation.


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