In a hair-raising incident caught on cam, an airplane crashed on a busy California highway and burst in flames. However, miraculously, the pilot and passenger remained unharmed in the dramatic situation. Moreover, the plane crashed into a truck with three passengers, and the passengers too remained unharmed in the aftermath of the shocking crash.

Hair-raising video of the incident shows a small airplane descending at a horrifying speed and crashing on the busy California highway. The plane continues to skid off towards the corner of the highway filled with traffic. Due to the impact, the plane crashes with a trail of burning jet fuel, causing a small explosion.

According to California Highway Patrol, the pilot made the emergency landing on the highway after the plane suffered an engine failure when it was heading towards a nearby airport to land.  CHP Captain Levi Miller was quoted by KTLA saying, “(We’re) very fortunate today that the traffic was light, and the pilot appears to have made some good landing navigation that avoided what could have been a very bad tragedy.”

Earlier in July another shocking incident was reported where a passenger was forced to take control of the airplane after the pilot passed out. The passenger was able to make a successful landing, and was lauded as a hero.

The Facts of the Matter

Off late, reports of engine failures and technical glitches in airplane have been on the rise. Such incidents are reported in India as well as outside the country. Recently, a similar incident was reported from California where an airplane crashed on a busy California highway after its engine failed.

The incident transpired earlier on Tuesday, sometime around 12.30 pm local time and occurred at the 91 Freeway, about 45-minute drive to downtown Los Angeles. The airplane in question was a single-engine Pipe PA-32.

Video of the shocking landing and its aftermath went viral on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

Dramatic video of the incident shows the small single-engine airplane hovering dangerously above the busy California freeway. Moments later the plane makes a dangerous descent and eventually crashes on the busy freeway, leaving behind a stream of burning jet fuel. The trail of burning jet fuel makes it appear that the airplane burst in flames due to the crash.

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Pilot, Passengers All Remain Uninjured

It should be noted that the passenger of the plane, and the pilot, both remained unscathed. Moreover, the driver and three passengers of a truck that the plane crash into, also remained uninjured in the incident.

California Highway Patrol Captain Levi Miller lauded the pilot and added how fortunate people were thanks to the pilot’s good landing. “The pilot claims to have experienced possible engine failure on their final descent to Corona Municipal Airport,” he said.

“We’re very fortunate today that the traffic was light, and the pilot appears to have made some good landing navigation that avoided what could have been a very bad tragedy,” Capt. Miller added.

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“You get the best outcome” – Pilot Explains

Following the incident, pilot Andrew Cho spoke to media and gave an account of the incident. “It felt like a hard bump. Hard to describe. We were four to five feet in the air when the plane stalled completely and fell to the ground.”

Cho further explained that not panicking helped him to make the crash landing without any injuries or fatalities. “Your training kicks in and you do the right thing. As long as you don’t panic, you get the best outcome,” he was quoted saying.


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