In a video gone viral, a brawl erupted in Kerala wedding after friends of groom was denied extra ‘papad’. Following the brawl, as many as 15 people were booked by the police. The brawl took place in Kerala’s Alappuzha where a wedding function was being held.

The incident was brought to the fore by a netizen who shared the video of incident on Twitter with a caption that read – “In the great 100 percent literate state of Kerala, a fist fight broke out at a wedding after friends of the bridegroom demanded papad during the feast.”

Local media reported that the wedding turned into an absolute bedlam when extra ‘papad’ was not given to the friends of groom. For the unversed, papad or papadam is a deep friend dough made from rice or bean flour and served with meals. The dish is popular across states in India, and receives extra attention from Sindhi and South Indian communities.

At the Alappuzha wedding when wedding attendees were denied extra papad, a heated argument ensued. What started off as an argument soon turned into a physical altercation with fists exchanged. Later, the wedding attendees went all-guns-blazing and used chairs and tables to assault each other.

Earlier in July, a similar incident was reported where several people on a cruise fought over rumours of an alleged threesome.

The Facts of the Matter

The internet has no dearth of videos of wedding turning into a chaotic scene due to numerous trivial and major reasons. In one such incident, a video has emerged where wedding attendees at Kerala were seen having a brawl. The reason for the brawl? ‘Papad’!

Yes, you heard it right, in Alappuzha, a wedding party indulged in an all-out brawl after they were denied ‘extra papad’. The visuals of the incident went viral on social media and was shared by a netizen with a caption that read – “In the great 100% literate state of Kerala, a fist fight broke out at a wedding after friends of the bridegroom demanded papad during the feast. This triggered a verbal spat and ended up in an ugly brawl. No wonder Mallusbelo papad.”

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What Does the Video Show?

The low-quality video shows chaos erupting at the Alappuzha wedding venue. Several men dressed in traditional lungis and shirts can be seen landing punches at each other. One man can be seen hitting another one on head with a spoon. As the chaos continues to unfold, some men can be seen kicking each other while others can be seen holding each other by collar. Screams of men and women horrified over the fight they were witnessing can also be heard.

Watch the Video here:

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Netizens React to Kerala Wedding Brawl

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Auditorium Owner Injured

According to a TOI report, the incident took place earlier on Sunday at a private auditorium. The wedding was between a Muttom-based groom and his Thrikkunnappuzha-based bride. In the scuffle over papad, the auditorium owner Muraleedharan and two others were injured. The police registered a case against miscreants, and as many as 15 people have been reported to be booked by the police.


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