In a horrific video gone viral, hundreds of migratory birds were seen getting killed after a tree was cut for road widening in Kerala. Netizens were outraged at the incident, and debated on the perils of urbanization due to increasing human population. The video showed a huge tree falling on the road and hundreds of birds, who had not gotten the opportunity to fly away, dying as a result of the tree’s fall.

The video of the incident was shared by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan who tweeted – “Everybody need a house. How cruel we can become. Unknown location.”

The video went viral and later prompted state PWD minister Mohammed Riyas to seek an action report from the National Highways Authority of India. The incident reportedly occurred earlier in the first week of August, and only after its visuals going viral did it receive widespread attention and the outrage.

While no probe has been initiated, the driver and the excavator who were responsible for the cutting of the tree were both taken into custody. Further, Thomas Lawrence of Save Wetlands International movement wrote a complaint to Union Road and Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Thomas Lawrence further told media that the office of Union Minister assured strict action in the matter.

The Facts of the Matter

As the population in the nation continues to increase, more and more resources are being put to further urbanize whatever remains. Such is the irony that we as humans first take down trees and dry out lakes, and then create artificial lakes and plant new saplings as long as it serves the aesthetic of wherever we reside.

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Authorities Kills Hundreds of Birds

Recently, in Kerala, the authorities cut down a huge tree for road widening, which led to the mass killing of migratory birds that had taken shelter in the tree. The heart-wrenching incident’s video has gone viral on social media, where many netizens have expressed their outraged in the comments section.

What Does the Video Show?

The troubling video shows a JCB excavator chopping down a huge tree for road widening. The video goes on to show hundreds of birds desperately flying away as their home is being taken away from them. However, tragically, the video also shows birds flying to the death by coming under the weight of the huge tree. The sight of numerous carcasses of the birds and their destroyed nests is enough to send a shiver down one’s spine.

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Netizens React

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Excavator, Driver Taken into Custody

The virality of the video led to the excavator and its driven being put into custody. Moreover, Mr Thomas Lawrence of Save Wetlands International Movement also wrote to Nitin Gadkari regarding the incident. “Many birds and their young ones were displaced which is really heartbreaking. This time of the year is birds’ nesting time and they could have waited for a few more weeks till the young ones are able to fly off,” Lawrence was quoted saying.

Mr Thomas Lawrence also added that the office of Union Transport & Highway Minister responded positively to the complaint shared and his office assured appropriate action.


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