The viral video of a Delhi teacher dancing with her students on popular Hindi song ‘Kajra mohabbat wala’ has gone viral on Twitter. While the internet has no dearth of toxic comments and negativity in general, often some videos and tweets transcended all trivial issues and leave a smile on the faces of the netizens.

The dance of a Delhi teacher on the popular song sung by Asha Bhosle and Shamshad Begum belongs to the latter category. The video has so far garnered reactions from netizens across the nation, and has already clocked in half a million views so far.

The clip was shared by Manu Gulati on Twitter. A Teacher herself, her bio states that she is a government school teacher, a mentor, Fullbright fellow and Ph.D scholar. If the video is heartwarming, the caption Manu Gulati wrote is equally heartwarming. “Dilli shehar ka saara meena bazaar leke. Our imperfect dance moves on the last day of summer camp…Leading to some perfect moments of joy and togetherness.”

In the comments section, one netizen stated that Ms. Gulati is the winner of prestigious Fullbright Educational Fellowship and represented Delhi schools in the “Active Teachers of Maharashtra” academy. Further, the netizen also shared that Ms. Gulati is the winner of Best Teacher’s Award.

The Facts of the Matter

Trolling, harassment, bullying, throwing shade, Twitter is filled with netizens who indulge in all these actions, and more. Further, the microblogging platform, is often riddled with misinformative and prejudicial tweets that are used to spew venomous hatred. However, every once in a while, a tweet, an image, or a video emerges on Twitter, that is so wholesome and full of positivity, that it balances the equation out beautifully.

Recently, a video that belongs in the latter category emerged on Twitter which showed a Delhi government school dancing on ‘Kajra mohabbat wala’ with her students went viral. So much so that within hours of being uploaded, it has already clocked half-a-million views.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video was shared by Manu Gulati, a teacher in a Delhi-based government school. The video was apparently taken on the last day of the summer camp held at the school. The Fullbright scholar shared the video of her and her students marking the last day of camp by shaking their legs on popular Asha Bhosle, Shamshad Begum song ‘Kajra mohabbat wala’.

In the video, all the young girl students dressed in school uniform appear one after the other and move their feet on the song. Soon, their teacher also joins them and the video becomes heartwarming and delightful.

As the teacher tries to match step with her students, some of the students try showing new steps to their teacher and saying excitedly, “Ma’am aise, ma’am aise!”.

Watch the Video Here:

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Overwhelming Positive Reaction to Video of Teacher Dancing

As one would expect, the Delhi teacher and her students won the hearts of netizens on Twitter for their delightful and carefree dance. The video also received appreciation by popular filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar. Many netizens also expressed that they wish their children in future may receive a teacher as graceful and bright as the teacher shown in video.

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Fullbright Scholar, ‘Best Teacher’ Awardee

On Twitter, a netizen highlighted how the teacher in the video is “Fullbright Education Fellowship, USA” who “represented Delhi schools in” Active Teachers of Maharashtra” academy forum”. The netizen also said how Manu Gulati has won the Best Teacher award.


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