In a shocking incident caught on cam, a drunk woman was seen abusing a cop in Mumbai, holding him by the hair, kicking him and creating ruckus. In a series of tweets, several netizens recently shared the video of the unruly drunk woman who was seen hurling abuses at bystanders, law enforcement authorities as her friend tried to intervene and pull her back.

The woman was in such an inebriated state that at one point she fell down hard on the road and laid there for a while before she was once again helped by her friend. The incident was reported from Navi Mumbai.

The incident occurred when the woman in question was in a cab allegedly returning from a party at night in Mumbai. She was joined by two of her other female friends. The drunk woman at one point started abusing the cab driver. Allegedly, the woman also got the cab driver out of the cab and took control of the vehicle herself.

When the police arrived at the scene of ruckus, the woman threatened the cop by holding his collar and hurled abuses at him as well. In one of the several videos gone viral, the woman can be heard laughingly saying, “Hello my name is Archita”, as a person tries to capture the ordeal on their phone.

The Facts of the Matter

While alcohol is surely a means for a person to let go of their inhibitions and unwind, it can also lead to a person’s most despicable and brash side emerge. Several stories of people having verbal and physical altercations in the influence of alcohol emerge every now and then. There are times when a person even takes the most drastic measures under the influence of alcohol where they put their own or others lives in danger.

Series of Video Shows Woman Creating Ruckus

Recently, a woman ruined the night of many Mumbai locals along with Mumbai police personnel after getting inebriated and creating a ruckus on the road. While the woman’s identity has not yet been confirmed, in one of the videos of the incident, the woman can be heard saying, “Hello, my name is Archita”.

Incident is from March

According to a News18 report, the incident dates back to March 25, where three women were travelling in a cap after attending a party in Navi Mumbai. One of the women in question was so drunk that she started abusing the cab driver during the ride.

The incident escalated as the woman pushed the driver away and tried taking control of the vehicle herself.

Drunk Woman Continued Hurling Abuses

Various bystanders witnessing the ordeal took the video of the incident, which showed the woman unapologetically hurling abuses at those around her.

Kicking, Threatening Cop

Soon, cops were called to intervene the matter. However, unlike most people who would sober up seeing men in uniform, the woman’s brash behavior reached its peak. At one point, the women as far as holding the cop by his hair, kicking him, and threatening him.

In one of the videos gone viral, the woman is seen in such an inebriated state, that she falls on the road and lays there for the next few moments. Meanwhile, in another video, the woman continues to create ruckus despite being warned by the police. She even brags that nothing would matter even if the police and media sees her.