In a shocking video gone viral, several students in Jharkhand dressed in uniforms tied their teacher to tree & beat him up for failing them in exam. The incident was reported from Jharkhand’s Dumka district near Gopikandar police station area. The abuse of teachers at a school occurred earlier on Monday this week at a government-run scheduled tribe residential school.

According to reports, at least 11 students out of the total 32 students got bad results (Grade-DD) in their Class IX examination. The results were declared earlier on Saturday by the Jharkhand Academic Council.

Irate over their results, the students lashed out on their math teacher, identified by Suman Kumar, by tying him to a tree and beating him up. Further, a clerk was also assaulted. The clerk and teacher both didn’t lodge a complaint with the police despite being assaulted by the students.

According to a TOI report, the students alleged that their math teacher gave them low marks in practical examinations because of which they failed. Meanwhile, the clerk was beaten up as he was responsible for uploading the marks on the JAC website

Gopikandar Block Development Officer told media that it was not clear whether the students failed in theory or practical, and it appeared that the students took the action based on rumors.

The Facts of the Matter

On Saturday, the Jharkhand Academic Council declared the results of Class IX examination. Some students of a government-run Scheduled Tribe residential school were unsatisfied with the fact that they received bad results in their math examination. Instead of appealing for a reevaluation, the students decided to assault their math teacher, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

ANI took to Twitter and shared pictures of a teacher tied by a tree with a red rope, surrounded by a group of angry students dressed in school uniform. One of them can be seen holding a stick while other can be seen recording the entire ordeal.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral several students can be seen surrounding a teacher tied to a tree along with the school clerk. The teacher can be seen standing with exhaustion on his face. A school student in the background can be heard claiming how 10 students of his class failed in the exam. The agitated students can be heard claiming that the move has jeopardized their future and that the video should be seen by the entire world.

Watch the Video here:

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School Refusing to File Complaint

Following the incident, Gopikandar police station in-charge Nityanand Bhokta was quoted  by Press Trust India saying, “No FIR has been lodged in the case, as school management did not give any written complaint about the incident. After verification of the incident, I asked the school authority to lodge a complaint but it refused saying that if might spoil the careers of the students.”

The teacher who was tied up to the tree was identified as Suman Kumar and the clerk who was responsible for uploading practical marks on JAC website was identified as Soneram Chaure. Soneram too was tied to the tree by the students.

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Students Took Drastic Step Based on Rumours

According to the students, they failed because they were given low marks in the practical examination. Meanwhile, the school has not been able to show practical marks given to the students and the date of the marks being uploaded online.

Gopikandar block development officer (BDO) Anant Jha claimed that the students may have taken the drastic step based on rumours.


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