In a hair-raising incident caught on cam, a Kerala-based boy recently had a narrow escape as his brother caught him after he fell from terrace during house cleaning. Hair raising visuals captured thanks to CCTV shows a youth holding a water piper.

Suddenly, all hell breaks loose as the younger brother, who was presumably on terrace, loses his balance and falls from terrace. Fortunately, the elder brother held his nerves and broke the young boy’s fall, saving him from a potential injury, or worse.

Thanks to social media, there have been similar instances of youths and even adults finding themselves in a pickle, and yet miraculously escaping a potential mishap thanks to their luck, or someone else’s timely intervention.

Earlier this year, a shocking video from Kerala emerged which showed a 9-year-old riding a bicycle, and cheating death twice within a few seconds. The boy first escaped getting crushed by a motorcycle, and then a bus that missed him by a few inches.

Similarly, in Brazil, an elderly woman was saved by getting run over by a tram thanks to a motorcyclist who spotted her and pushed her away from the oncoming train.

In Argentina, a woman had a narrow escape after she fainted and fell right under a moving train, and yet managed to survive to tell the tale.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all seen Marvel and DC movies where a superhero swoops in at the right time, and miraculously saves a child or an elderly person at the right time. However, not all superheroes wear capes. Some are just present at the right time, and have the bravery to do the right thing.

Recently in Kerala, a boy had a narrow escape after he fell from the terrace during house cleaning. The boy had his elder brother who broke his fall and caught him, avoiding any potential injury.

The entire ordeal was caught on CCTV.

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What Did the Video Show?

The video shows a youth holding a water pipe and spraying what is presumably the walls of a residence. Suddenly, the youth drops the pipe he’s holding, and in an instant viewers find out why. The youth puts himself in a position where he can catch his younger brother who was at the terrace for cleaning. Not crumbling due to the pressure of the situation, the youth quickly catches the younger brother, and lays him on the ground.

Watch the Video here:

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Woman Falls on Tracks as Train Runs Over, Lives to Tell Tale

Recently, there have been similar instances where a person miraculously cheats death or injury thanks to their own presence of mind, someone else’s timely intervention, or sheer good luck.

Earlier in April this year, a young woman in Argentina somehow ended up fainting as she was standing on a platform extremely close to the railway tracks. The woman falls on the tracks, and one can see the metro running over her. Bystanders are also seen looking at the ordeal part horrified, part helpless. However, the woman survived to tell the tale, and didn’t even have any injuries.

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Elderly Woman Saved by Oncoming Tram by Motorcyclist

Moving from Argentina to another South American country. In Brazil, an elderly woman was saved thanks to the timely intervention of a biker who saw her crossing a tram track as the tram approaches her.

The 77-year-old elderly woman didn’t hear the oncoming tram and instead of thanking the biker for saving her, rudely asked him “what do you think you’re doing?”.

“I didn’t see the train, I just realised I was falling. The boy grabbed me and threw me to the ground,” she was quoted saying.


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