In an act of inhumanity caught on video, a man brutally hit an already injured Indian gaur with stick. The video shared on Twitter left netizens shocked in dismay. In a country that worships cow for its sanctity and purity, acts of animas brutality are a testament to our hypocrisy. The video yet again showed the consequence of human-animal conflicts. The incident was reported from a small village in Nilgris district, Tamil Nadu. Such was the rage filled in the man that even after he was asked to stop hitting by people recording the video, he continued with his assault.

So far, the man has not yet been identified. However, IAS Officer Supriya Sahu, who also acts as the Principal Secretary Environmental Climate Change and Forests claimed that she will act on the issue.


According to a WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) human-wildlife conflict has emerged as one of the greatest threats to the wildlife. In one of its report, it claimed that across the world, animal-human conflict has affected over 75% of the world’s total wild cat species.

The numbers near home don’t paint a favourable picture as well. According to the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, over 500 elephants were killed due to human-elephant conflict between 2014-2015 and 2018-2019. Meanwhile, 2,361 people were also killed due to the same conflict.

While awareness in being empathetic to animals need to be raised, the consistent and persistent development has also led to massive deforestation. This has led to several animal crossing territories and being in conflict with humans.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a series of videos showing human-animal conflict gone wrong, another video has emerged recently. The heart wrenching video shows a man brutally hitting an already injured gaur (bison) with stick. The incident was reported from Ketti village in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgris district.

What Does the Video Show?

In the video that’s been shared by prominent netizen and IAS officer Supriya Sahu, an unidentified man seems to be lashing out at the bison. It is clear in the video that the bovine was already injured. Further, the bovine had not provoked the young man. The young man wielding a stick can be seen attacking the bovine.

In an attempt to express its aggression, the gaur attempts a mock-charge at the man. However, the man continues to hit the animal. Further, in the video which includes a lot of cursing, the man is told to stop the animal.

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Watch the Video Here (Discretion Advised)

IAS Officer Supriya Sahu took to Twitter and shared the video with the caption, “Terrible Act. Totally reprehensible. We will act on this at once.”

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Netizens Express Their Anger on Man Hitting Gaur

Netizens on Twitter were quick to express their displeasure and anger over the act. A Twitter user said that it would be good if the gaur gets medical treatment.

Another user commented, “He should also be treated in the same manner, so as to enable him to realise.”

The comments were filled with similar responses.