In a half-distressing, half-funny video, a sugarcane laden trolly lost control and smashed into an electric pole, only to have the street lights getting turned on. The video has gone viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. Interestingly, the video starts with the trolly, disconnected with tractor, losing control and people running for their lives. But to people’s surprise and shock, the electric pole that the tractor smashed into made the lamp light up.


Although India is slowly inching its way of becoming a global super power, several small regions are deprived of basic facilities like electricity connection. Every election cycle, a local politician promises the citizens of that ward of giving them the facilities they have been deprived of. Citizens are soon forced to raise complaints to various welfare divisions who may render the facilities.

But a recent video that has gone viral on internet shows that a small accident can bring back the same facilities that the public welfare divisions fail to.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a hilarious incident that may have had disastrous implications, a tractor carrying sugarcane lost its control on a busy street. Reports claim that the incident happened in Phalton town of Satara district, but an official word is yet to be made.

The entire incident was captured on a CCTV footage. The video showed a trolley carrying sugarcane losing its control on the busy streets of Phalton. The trolly was unhooked from the tractor and due to the lost balance, people around the trolly were running around to save themselves. Some people were also trying to chase the trolley and stop it from causing damage by running into a property or a person.

However, the trolly was difficult to have a control on and it ended up smashing into an electric pole that was on the center of the street. However, the collision was such that the lamp post didn’t fall or get damaged. In fact, to the amazement of local citizens, the lamp on the post turned on due to the impact.

Watch the Video Here:

Netizens React to the ‘Happy Accident’

After the video went viral on Twitter, several netizens commented on the same and shared their humorous side. A netizen wrote, “साहेब के विकास का जिम्मा इसने अपने सर ले लिया हैं (He has taken the responsibility of development on his shoulder.”

Other netizens also reacted positively to the incident.

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Another Accident Video That Went Viral

In another video that went viral earlier this month, an out-of-control speeding motorcycle cashed into a clothing store. According to reports, the incident happened in Telangana earlier on Monday, November 8.

CCTV Shows Bike Smashing into Clothing Store

In the hair-raising CCTV footage, few people can be seen sitting inside a clothing store. The next moment, the frame sees an out-of-control motorcycle smashing into the clothing store. From the video, it was clear that the bike was speeding. The motorcycle, reported to be a Bajaj Pulsar, smashed into the store and ran straight into the people.

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People in Bikers Way Survive Miraculously

However, the guardian angels of all the people present in the store were doing their job. All four persons got out of the vehicle’s way just in time to be left without any injuries. However, the bike driver wasn’t as fortunate.

Due to the intensity of the impact, he was thrown off the counter. However, he too was seen standing up without sustaining any injuries.

Watch the Video Here: