In a moment of absolute bravado caught on cam, a brave cop in Kerala fought a machete wielding local and ultimately managed to gain control after getting stabbed in the hand. The matter was brought to the fore after IPS officer Swati Lakra took to Twitter and shared the video of the incident with the caption reading – “How a real #hero looks like…Kudos to this Sub Inspector of Police from Kerala”. The video has since been viewed over one lakh times with several comments lauding the police officer in action.

According to a Money Control report, the police officer in question was Arun Kumar, Station House Officer in-charge Noorand police station in Alappuzha district, Kerala. The SHO was out and about on an evening patrol with his driver when the local, identified as Sugathan, attacked him.

CCTV video of the incident showed the cop stopping his patrol vehicle near the attacker who had parked his scooter on the road. The two men have a conversation which somehow escalates to a point where the man draws out a machete.

The cop tries to bring the attacker under control; however, the attacker manages to stab the cop with the machete. With grit and strength, the cop finally overpowers the attacker, and snatch weapon from him.

The Facts of the Matter

Police officials are the first and only line of response between civilians and mischief causing miscreants. Cops are often brought to a scene of mishap to investigate and bring the culprit to justice. However, there are times when police officials are forced to step into action before a mishap could transpire.

Recently, a cop in Kerala fought off a man wielding a machete, and managed to subdue him before he could hurt any civilians.

The incident was brought to the fore after Kerala police shared the surveillance video of the incident on Twitter. The same video was shared by an IPS officer, giving the video the viral status later. The police officer who was in the middle of action was Arun Kumar while his attacker was identified as Sugathan.

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What Did the Video Show?

The video shows SHO Arun Kumar stopping his patrol vehicle near a man who was on his two-wheeler on roadside. The two have a brief exchange of words, before the man simply draws out a machete and dashes towards the cop with the intention to draw the first blood. Somehow, the attacker managed to stab the cop’s hand. Despite getting stabbed, the cop did not lose grip on the attacker and finally managed to subdue him.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens React to Hero Cop Fighting Off Machete Wielding Man

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Cinematic Chase was Caught on Cam by Mangaluru Police

Earlier this year, a similar thrilling video of a cop finally subduing a miscreant went viral on social media. The incident was reported from Mangaluru where a quick as lightning officer Asistant Sub-Inspector Varun Alva was caught in almost a cinematic chase sequance on the streets of the city. In the video, the cop was seen dodging traffic, running without losing his speed while keeping his eyes on the thief. Finally, the 32-year-old accused was arrested by the cop.


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