In a video going viral, a shirtless Jabalpur-based thief can be seen taking blessings of Laxmi Goddess before stealing donation boxes from the temple. The incident was reported from Jabalpur’s Sukha village and occurred at a Laxmi Temple. The thief who committed the theft remains absconding and the police are yet to identify him.

In the CCTV footage gone viral, a shirtless thief can be seen making his way into the temple. The man can be seen with a shirt covering his face so that his identity remains unrevealed and hidden. As the man enters the temple premises, he sees the idol of Goddess Laxmi right in front of him.

While most thieves would’ve instantly gone for the donation boxes, or other valuables kept near the idol, the man puts his faith above all. He first bows and takes blessings from the idol and can be seen taking a moment or two to worship the Goddess before the crime.

He then can be seen moving around, and stealing the two donation boxes in the temple. According to reports, the incident occurred earlier on August 5. After finding the donation boxes missing, the temple committee filed a complaint in the matter.

The police have not been able to identify the accused as of yet, and the accused remains absconding.

The Facts of the Matter

While one would assume that beneath the cold exterior of the thief and robber lies nothing but insatiable greed, a thief in Jabalpur has proven himself to be an exception. In Jabalpur, a thief decided to target an unguarded temple, and CCTV caught him taking blessings from the goddess before he left the crime scene with valuables.

The incident was reported from Sukha village in Jabalpur district’s Panagar and occurred earlier on August 5 at some time around 4 am.

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What Does the Video Show?

The thief, who has covered his face with his shirt, can be seen entering the temple premises. Before making his way to the donation boxes and fleeing the scene of crime, the man bows down and folds his hands in prayer. He offers the prayers for a few moments – either apologizing for his action or maybe seeking more blessings.

As soon as he’s done with offering prayers, he moves quickly and leaves the premises with multiple donation boxes and other valuables.

Watch the Video Here:

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Investigation Kicks Off

According to reports, the temple committee filed a police complaint at the local police station after finding out about the lost donation boxes. As per initial investigation, the unidentified thief not only stole all the donation boxes at the temple, but also stole other items.

The investigation also suggests that the unidentified thief was familiar with the structure and layout of the temple.

Maharashtra Thief Touches Idol’s Feet Before Stealing Cash Box

Earlier in November 2021, a similar incident was reported from Maharashtra where a thief was caught on CCTV setup in the temple touching the feet of an idol. The thief first touches the Lord Hanuman idol, and then flees with Rs. 1,000 kept in the cash box.

UP Thief Dances in Pure Joy After Robbery

Meanwhile, a thief in Uttar Pradesh was caught on CCTV dancing in pure joy after a successful robbery at a hardware store. The incident was reported from Chandauli and the thief was able to steal Rs 6,000 in cash and some goods from the hardware store.

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Andhra Thief Gets Stuck in Hole Drilled to Enter Temple

In Andhra Pradesh, a thief got the taste of Karma, after he got stuck in the hole he had drilled to enter the temple to steal. The thief in question had to shout and scream for the locals to first rescue him, and then take him to the police.


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