In a fascinating development, a video has emerged that shows a crane picking up a massive snake in a rain forest. The video has led to netizens call it ‘world’s biggest snake’. However, no official word has been out on whether the snake was in fact the world’s largest one or not. Interestingly enough, several different people on Twitter have been sharing the same video and have mentioned different places as to where the snake was found. To clear the confusion, we would like to report that UK based news agency The Sun has confirmed that the snake was found from Dominica based rainforest.


Thanks to social media, and the increase of users coming from different parts of the world on social media platforms, fascinating sights are just one click away. Every once in a while, a Twitter or Facebook user uploads a video of animal – wild or tamed – in cute, strange, or heartwarming situations. While a case could be made that this is due to unnecessary human intervention in animal habitats, such videos also help us all respect for the animal kingdom.

Earlier this year, a video of a 14-feet large King Cobra ‘standing-up’ to a man went viral on the internet. Before that, another video of a deadly brawl between two gangs of monkeys astounded the internet.

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The Facts of the Matter

Video of a massive snake being lifted by people are hair-raising to say the least. It shows that it takes a few people to control one beast, and anything could go wrong if they are not careful. However, what happens when a snake is so huge that a crane has to be deployed.

A recent video of a massive snake being lifted from a rainforest by a crane has gone viral on Twitter. While the video’s origin came two weeks ago, the video has been made even more popular due to false claims that the snake was from Jharkhand.

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Netizens Claim Snake was from Jharkhand Forest – Fake News Spreads

Some netizens took to Twitter and without any evidence claimed that the snake was picked from a forest in Jharkhand. This led to several news media outlets claiming the same and since then, the false news has been rampant.

The fake news got even more viral after Rajya Sabha MP Parimal Nathwani took to Twitter and made the same claim. Taking to Twitter, Mr. Parimal wrote, “Massive! It took a crane to shift this #python weighing 100 kg and measuring 6.1 m length, in Dhanbad, Jharkhand.” The politician further tagged World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and National Geographic.

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Shiksha Confirms – Snake from Dominica Rainforest

However, we at Shiksha News cross verified the claims and found out that the snake was found in Dominica rainforest. The revelation came after a report from The Mirror claimed that the snake was lifted by forest cleaning workers in Dominica. It should be noted that there was another video shared on TikTok where people are hardly able to fit the snake in a car. Because of the enormity of the snake, it was later unofficially dubbed as ‘World’s Biggest Snake’.

Dhanbad Administration Claims No Such Snake Found

Further, Navbharat Times Bihar also confirmed that the snake was not found in Jharkhand. The report claimed that the Dhanbad local administration dismissed all claims of the large snake being lifted by a JCB machine.

While it’s still not confirmed as to what species the snake belonged to, it is being speculated that it can be a Boa Constrictor. The Boa Constrictors are non-venemous species of snakes found primarily in found in Central and South America. The longest reported Boa Constrictor was about 13 feet long.

Meet Medusa – Longest Snake in Captivity In Human History

Interestingly, the longest recorded snake in captivity is not a Boa Constrictor, but a reticulated python. The python is named ‘Medusa’, and is part of the The Edge of Hell Haunted House, Kansas City. The python is about 25 feet and 2 inches long and weighs over 350 pounds.