In a hair-raising incident caught on video, a girl in Delhi was seen fighting bravely with a phone snatcher. While the accused is still on the run, a case has been filed against him under multiple sections of the Indian Penal Code. The incident was reported from Badarpur area in Delhi and occurred earlier on September 4.

In the video making rounds of social media, the accused can be seen walking on an empty street of the Badarpur area. The accused, dressed in a black shirt goes out of the frame for a few moments. Within a few seconds, a girl can be seen fighting with the accused man who allegedly tried to snatch her phone. The accused can be seen trying to overpower the girl. However, the girl continues to fight and tries to hit her repeatedly.

Both the accused and the phone snatching victim go out of the frame for the rest of the incident. Although it is not clear as to what happened to the victim, officials of Delhi Police confirmed that the girl managed to escape.

According to the police, a PCR alert was raised at the Badarpur police station sometime around 11.30 regarding the incident. Police also confirmed that the accused managed to flee the scene after the phone fell down from his hands.

The Facts of the Matter

While Delhi is certainly known as the rape capital of the nation, and there was a recent uptick in daily stabbings and murders, there’s another concerning crime statistic emerging from the national capital. As many as 752 incidents of snatching were reported between March to April this year, with a shocking average of 24 such cases a day.

In another such incident, a youth tried to snatch a phone from a girl. However, the girl gave the accused man a tough fight, so much so that after repeated efforts, the accused simply took off from the crime scene.

Reportedly, the incident took place earlier on September 4 and occurred at Badarpur area. The incident was caught on video, visuals of which were recently shared on social media.

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What Does the Video Show?

The 33-second-long video shows the accused youth, dressed in black shirt, approaching someone who is out of the frame. For a few seconds, the CCTV footage shows the empty & desolate street of Badarpur.

However, in a few moments, one can see that the accused is fighting against a woman, from whom, he tried to snatch a phone. The girl can be seen giving the accused a tough fight, not letting go of the phone and trying to catch him.

The accused boy tries to shake the woman off, and even tries to hit her repeatedly, but to no avail. The two again go out of the frame, leaving the viewers wonder what transpired next.

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Watch the Video here:

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Case Filed, No Arrest So Far

According to reports, the Badarpur police station received a call regarding the matter at 11.30 on September 3. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Esha Pandey, was quoted in an Indian Express report saying, “A case under IPC sections 379 (theft), 356 (assault during an attempt to commit theft), and 511 (punishment for offences without express provision) has been filed, and the matter is being investigated.”

No arrests have been made in the matter so far.


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