In a shocking incident, a pilot reportedly got punched by a drunk passenger as a massive brawl erupted on an airplane. The incident was caught on camera and visuals of the same are making rounds of the internet. The bizarre turn of incidents transpired in a WizzAir flight which had landed in Crete, Greece and occurred earlier on Tuesday this week.

During the 6pm flight that took off from London, three men were being outrageously loud and brash. As per the testimony of other passengers, the three hooligans were smoking throughout the journey and were posing threats to other passengers. Further, a third passenger got drunk with a litre of vodka bottle prior to boarding the plane.

However, it all escalated too soon to a point of no return. Sometime during the flight, the air stewardess asked the three passengers to stay calm and added that they would be taken off the plane by the police once the plan lands.

This triggered the three men who started throwing punches as some other fellow passengers tried to restrain them. Sensing a commotion going outside, the pilot stepped out of the cockpit and tried to intervene. However, the drunk British passenger punched the pilot as several passengers shrieked at the ordeal.

The Facts of the Matter

If it takes a group of people to make a journey successful and peaceful, it takes just one person to bring about chaos and ruin an entire journey for others. Earlier last month, it was reported how a drunk man reportedly harassed veteran boxer Mike Tyson during fight to such a point that Tyson repeatedly punched the man and left him bloodied.

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Flight to Greece Sees Utter Chaos

Recently, some British passengers in a flight to Greece caused utter chaos that escalated to a point that one drunk passenger punched the plane’s pilot. The entire ordeal was caught on video by fellow passengers.

Earlier on Tuesday, two British passengers from south London was on the WizzAir flight to Greece. They were being loud and abusive and had been on a drinking binge since the morning, according to the passengers.

Hooligans Get Drunk, Threaten Fellow Passengers

A friend of the two passengers added fuel to the fire by joining them with a one litre bottle of vodka. The hooligans started to threaten other passengers, claiming that they would “smash up” passengers once they got out of plane. Further, throughout the flight they continued to vape and smoke cigarettes.

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How a Brawl Erupted in the Flight

Things eventually escalated when the flight stewardess told them that they will be taken away by the police once the plane lands in Greece. Passengers reported that within moments the mischievous passengers started throwing punches at people and “utter chaos” broke on board.

Meanwhile, sensing some commotion, the pilot stepped out of cockpit and tried to calm things down. However, the drunk passengers punched the pilot as well. The brawl fizzled out several minutes after eruption as police officers dragged a beaten-up passenger with his pants going down to his ankles.

Watch Video of Pilot Getting Punched

WizzAir Issues Statement

Following the incident, WizzAir issued a statement which read, “The cabin crew handled the situation as they are trained to do and reported the incident to the respective authorities, who arrested the passenger on arrival. Wizz Air sincerely apologises for any inconvenience caused, but the safety of passengers and crew is the airline’s number one priority.”


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