In a horrific incident, a man in Surat reportedly set himself ablaze while doing a dangerous stunt at Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. The incident came to the fore when a Twitter handle ‘oursuratcity’ shared the video of the horrific incident. It should be noted that it’s not reported as to where in Surat the incident happened, and there’s no information whether the man sustained any severe burn injuries.

“A young man was accidentally set ablaze while performing stunts trying to breathe fire from his mouth using flammable substances, in Surat’s Parvat Patiya area during a Ganesh Chaturthi celebration,” the oursuratcity tweet read. The Twitter handle also shared the spine-chilling video of the incident.

The video shows a group of men recording another man who puts an inflammable liquid in his mouth. The man spits out the liquid from his mouth. However, the stunt takes a disastrous turn as the man somehow ends up setting himself on fire.

Meanwhile, another man who was standing beside quickly intervenes. Other men also join forces and they remove the man’s T-shirt which was engulfed in flame during the dangerous and unsuccessful stunt.

Meanwhile, two men died and two others were left injured after their Ganesh idol chariot came in contact with an electric line in Tamil Nadu’s Sokkanathanputhur.

The Facts of the Matter

The entire nation is engulfed in Ganesh Chaturthi celebration. Ganesh Idols have been set up in pandals across the nation, from small lanes to high-rise apartment buildings societies. However, some tragic incidents have taken place, some due to human negligence, others due to coincidences.

In Surat, a man ended up setting himself on fire while doing a dangerous stunt at a Ganesh pandal. Meanwhile in Tamil Nadu, two people died and two were injured after the Ganesh idol chariot they were on came in contact with an electric line.

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Surat Man Sets himself Ablaze

A horrific video going viral shows a man in Surat failing while performing a dangerous stunt during the Ganesh Chatruthi celebration. The incident allegedly occurred at Surat’s Parvat Patiya area. So far it has not been reported whether the man sustained any severe burn injuries due to the mishap.

The matter was brought to the fore by a Twitter handle ‘@oursuratcity’.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the vide gone viral, a man can be seen preparing himself for a stunt that would backfire in moments. Men around him are seen recording him as he puts a flammable liquid in his mouth. The man spits out the flammable liquid in the hopes of creating a flame from his mouth. However, his plans were turned to ashes when he ended up setting himself on fire. Thankfully, another man standing beside him intervenes and helps the man remove his tshirt that was ablaze.

Watch the Video Here (Please do not try this at home or elsewhere):

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2 Die, 2 Injured During Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations in TN

In Tamil Nadu, two people were reported dead and two others suffered injuries after the Ganesh idol chariot, they were on came in contact with an electric line. The deceased were identified as Muneeswaran and Marimuthu while the injured were identified as Selvakrishnan and Chellapandi.

According to police, locals had set up a pandal and an idol was placed on chariot which was carried near a waterbody. As the idol was immersed in the waterbody, all four individuals were thrown off the chariot due to the shock.


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