In a horrific incident caught on Video, a Telangana-based teen got hit by a train while making an Instagram reel. The teen has suffered serious injury due to the incident. The social-media frenzy teen who was left seriously injured was identified as Ch Akshay Raj, the 17-year-old son of Ravinder. Akshay is reportedly an intermediate first year student from Telangana’s Waddepally.

In the video gone viral, the social media-crazy teen can be seen standing dangerously close to the railway track. The teen poses in a way most social media users would notice. Before long though, the teen was hit by the speeding train on his head. The teen falls with a shudder-worthy thud on the ground and the person filming the video turns the phone away.

It should be noted that there have been several such incidents reported in the past. Earlier in May, a 22-year-old man was hit by a train while trying to take a selfie video in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu. The man succumbed to his injuries on the spot. The deceased, Vasantha Kumar, used to make reels and videos for his social media platforms, and worked as a cable TV operator.

Similarly, in Hyderabad, a 25-year-old student was seriously injured while taking a selfie video at the Borabanda Railway Station back in January 2018.

The Facts of the Matter

For the intangible gratification of likes and comments, social-media crazed youths are known for going to lengths to take the “perfect selfie/reel”. A Telangana-based youth recently suffered the consequences of making the dubious decision of standing in front of a speeding train and posing.

“Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes”

In Telangana’s Waddepally 17-year-old Ch Akshay Raj went to the railway track in the pursuit of a perfect Instagram reel. The social media-crazed youth stood dangerously close to the railway track. As the train approached, he posed and stood like a brave action hero. However, there was no bravery to his actions, as a speeding train simply mowed over him. He suffered critical injuries on his head.

According to reports, a railway guard later noticed Akshay covered with blood on the railway track. An ambulance was called and Akshay was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Multiple Fractures

As per a Telangana Today report, Akshay was later shifted to a private hospital in the district. While he is reported to be out of danger, he has suffered multiple fractures in his leg and has sustained injuries on his face.

Friends warned Telangana Youth to Move Away

According to the Kazipet Government Railway Police, Akshay was accompanied with his two friends and was making a reel for a mobile app when a train from Balharshah to Warangal hit him. Reportedly, Akshay was asked to move away from the railway tracks by his friend along with other railway personnel.

Despite the repeated warnings, he continued to walk close to the tracks and was hit by the train’s engine.

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