In a video that is going viral on social media, as many 13 mafia-controlled tractors, that were laden in sand, broke a toll gate in Agra and crossed passed the barricade in 52 seconds. According to reports, the incident occurred on the Agra-Gwalior Highway at the Jaju Toll Plaza on Sunday. Following the incident’s video going viral, the police reportedly took cognizance of the matter and will be investigating it.

According to reports, the tractors were returning from Gwalior and heading towards Agra. They were supposed to stop at the Jaju toll plaza, pay for the toll, and then leave. However, in matter of just 53 seconds, all the 13 sand-laden tractors broke the toll barricades one after the other, and crossed without any intervention.

Toll plaza employees, who were witnessing the entire ordeal, chose to intervene. However, they simply stood with two sticks on either corners of the toll plaza, and their idea of somehow stopping the vehicle was of no avail. Despite them hitting each tractor with a stick, the tractor drivers continued on their path and were seen speeding away, one after the other.

It should be noted that Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, & Punjab are infamous for their Sand Mafias. Between January 2019 and November 2020, as many as 193 people died in India due to sand mining incidents/accidents.

The Facts of the Matter

In a recently gone viral video, toll plaza employees in Agra were forced to confront the unique challenge of having as many as 13 tractors cross the toll without paying a single rupee. According to reports, the 13 tractors belonged to sand mafia, and were transporting sand in heavy quantities.

The incident was reported from the Jaju toll plaza in Agra. The mafia-controlled trucks were reportedly making their way from Gwalior to Agra with sand in tow. The entire incident was caught on CCTV.

“In UP’s Agra, tractors laden with sand, most likely belonging to local sand mafia, storm the toll booth and pass through as booth workers try to stop them using sticks. In the 53 sec video, 13 tractors can be seen recklessly speeding through the toll plaza,” a Twitter user captioned the video of the incident.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, a speeding truck laden with sand smashes the toll barrier. A toll plaza employee throws a heavy object at the truck, partly out of frustration, partly in an effort to stop him.

Meanwhile, trucks, one after the other, smash into the toll plaza barrier and employees around it try to stop it by sticks. Their attempts are more or less futile, as other trucks whizz past by them with sand stored in a trolly.

Watch the Video here:

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Rajasthan Cop Assaulted by Sand Mining Gang

Earlier in August, a police constable in Rajasthan was reportedly thrashed by at least six men with iron rods for stopping a tractor trolly filled with illegally mined sand. Constable Ram Chandra saw the tractor carrying the sand at a check post and stopped the driver. He requested for assistance from the police station. However, before other personnel could reach there, Ram Chandra was brutally assaulted by the gang, and sustained fractures on his leg and arm.

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Haryana DSP Mowed Over by Truck Carrying Illegally Mined Stones

Similarly, DSP Surendra Singh Bishnoi of Haryana Police was run-over by a stone-laden truck in Nuh when he reached at the spot to stop the illegal mining. The deceased top-cop was with his team to stop the illegal mining when he spotted a truck and asked it to halt. Despite being asked to stop, the driver sped and ran over the DSP.


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