In a recent interview, Former Big Boss participant, Vikas Gupta expressed his family’s reaction when he came out to them as a bisexual, and also revealed a surprising fact that he dated only two females in the past and more shockingly, one of them was the Late Actress Pratyusha Banerjee. And Vikas also said that Pratyusha came to know about his sexual orientation after they both broke up.

His family’s reaction when he came out to them

In the interview Vikas was quite open about his experiences and told that when he came out to his mom as bisexual, she wanted him to keep it a secret as they was not ready for negative reactions from the rest of the family.

Adding to is statement he said-

“I think my mom got an idea in 2015 when Parth Samthaan filed fake cases against me. But they didn’t want me to go public, primarily because my sister was married in Rajkot to a very orthodox family. The very fact that I wasn’t invited to my brother’s birthday party which my mother attended was proof enough that they didn’t want to associate with me because they feel ashamed about the person I am.”

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Vikas Gupta on dating the late actress Pratyusha Banerjee

Vikas said that he has dated only two females ever, and they have known about his sexual orientation. While one was Pratyusha, he refused to disclose the second person.

According to Vikas the late actress got to know about his sexual orientation after they broke up. On his break-up with Pratyusha, Vikas stated that-

“Pratyusha got to know about it after we broke up. We were together for a short span. The break-up reason would be that some people spoke bad about me to her. But I don’t want to get into the details as she is no more. I was very angry with her after the break-up. I avoided her when I saw her on the road once. She called me to ask that how could I do that. I liked Pratyusha. I wanted to do a big project with her. Alas.”

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About Pratyusha’s death and Vikas’ reaction on it

Pratyusha Banerjee died back in 2016 of an apparent suicide. Her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh was accused of the prime reason for which the late actress chose to end her life by committing suicide.

Talking about Rahul, Vikas said-

“As far as I remember Rahul Raj Singh, he was eating chips outside the hospital (when Pratyusha had died by suicide). I entered to see that Makrand Malhotra was around and he was calling up people. Pratyusha had dated Makrand (before Rahul) and that was the sweetest relationship of her life.”

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Back in 2019, Vikas had paid tribute to Pratyusha on third-year anniversary of her death. He quoted that-

“Today is 1st of April and Everytime I hear it’s April fool’s day instead if smiling which I did, I think of you #Pratyusha I remember the call which I thought was a prank call and it reminds me of the 20 mins I sat alone looking at you. no one was there. Mak was running around outside trying to sort things and figure things (Good Man) others were yet to know that you have gone.”

Adding into his heart-wrenching note, Vikas said that-

“You were a star that left our universe too soon. This world is cruel and every year i learn more. I am sorry i wasn’t there when you needed. Yes you never asked for help but this world is a little like that even when help is asked no one comes forward. We see signs but we avoid them. I really hope you are in a better place.”