In this world full of unjustified human activities towards the environment, conserving the environment has become a necessity. The cleanest city of India, Indore has proven to hold its position in maintaining cleanliness at the top for 3 years. Now the citizens have taken their love for the mother nature to newer heights.

1350 farmers of Indore Tehsil have planted 1.25 lac trees to conserve a river. 5 years ago, villagers from 15 villages established 15 committees respectively for the conservation of Jayjayvanti River. The committee aimed at spreading awareness about drinking water and the importance of the river. 

Earlier the river used to have water during the rainy season only. After the formation of the committee, the villagers took the responsibility of reviving the dying river. The said river originates from Ranat-Bhawar hills which are situated near Kanakshringa hills from where the holy river Kshipra originates.

The river travels 25 km till Melkama village before meeting Kshipra near Indore. The villagers started building small stop dams and developing organic manure. They have planted trees along 12 km long route of the river. The rest 13 km route is yet to be covered. The area in which plantation is completed has river water 12 months a year. The villagers, however, have a futuristic vision to plant 25 lac plants in total on the banks of the river.

This gives us all hope and a motivation to initiate forestation. The sooner we understand the value of trees in saving mother nature, the easier it will be for all of us to deal with climate change.