In a horrific and inhumane incident, two tribal women were brutally beaten up by sticks, kicked and thrashed by their family members for reportedly talking to their male cousins on mobile phone. The spine chilling incident has been reported from Peepalwa village in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.

When and how the inhumane act took place?

The heinous crime was caught on camera and its video is being widely circulated on social media, after which a case has been reportedly filed and seven people have been arrested in this regard.

The incident took place on June 22, said Tanda police station in-charge Vijay Vaskale. The police came to know about it through the viral video on June 25, when the video had already lit a wildfire in the netizens.

CAUTION: This image contains graphic content of violence


Women Beaten Up By Men (Screengrab)

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Victims’ statement reported

As per Tanda police station in-charge Vijay Vaskale, the incident took place on June 22 in Peepalwa village. The viral video reached the police on June 25. However, the victims, aged 19 and 20 years, were initially fearful of registering a complaint.

Following which one of the victims was brought to the police station where her statement was recorded and a case was filed in the matter. On the basis of the women’s complaint, a case was registered. The police also inspected the site. Medical examination of both of the women was conducted.

The women said that their paternal cousins and other family members forcefully stopped them near a school in the village and then they gathered up and before they could think of running away, the mob started beating and thrashing them with sticks.

Series of Heinous crimes taking place, why are we still silent?

This  horrific incident comes just a day after a similar act was reported from another village of Madhya Pradesh where a 19-year-old tribal was grabbed by hair, dragged, tied to tree and beaten up brutally by her parents in Bhootkhedi in Alirajpur district, after she ran away from her husband’s place and went to a relative’s home.

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For this incident, the police of the area registered an FIR against 4 people under multiple Sections of the IPC. The various sections included Section 294 (Obscene acts), Section 323 (Voluntarily causing hurt), 355 (Assaulting a person to dishonour them), 506 (Criminal Intimidation), 34 (Acts done by several for common intention).