A viral video showing a man taking his Siberian Husky to the Kedarnath temple and getting a tilak put on him has polarized the internet and has sparked controversy. Meanwhile, the temple committee took cognizance of the incident and an FIR has now been filed against the man.

According to reports, the influencer took his 4-and-a-half-year-old husky named Nawab to the Kedarnath Temple during the Char Dhaam Yatra that is currently ongoing. It should be noted that the Siberian Husky has its own Instagram page by the name – ‘huskyindia0’ and has a following of over seventy-five thousand people.

The man reportedly made videos of him carrying the pet with him and having the pet seek blessings of Nandi whose statue is outside the temple. In one of the videos gone viral, Nawab the Siberian Husky, can be seen taking blessings of Nandi by touching the idol with its paws.

The action infuriated the Badrinath temple committee who called the entire ordeal “degrading, objectionable and condemnable act”. “Crores of people have faith in Baba Kedarnath, their sentiments are hurt by such activities by YouTubers and vloggers,” said Ajendra Ajay, president of Badrinath Kedarnath Temple Committee.

The Facts of the Matter

Earlier in November 2021, Delhi-based YouTuber Gaurav Sharma was arrested for filming inside the “Nidhivan Raj’, a holy site in Vrindavan. Sharma had visited the shrine with his videographer two days after Diwali to make a video out of the place. Taking cognizance of the matter, the priest filed an FIR and Sharma was sent to 14-day police custody following his actions.

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Influencer Takes Pet to Char Dhaam Yatra

In the similar vein of Gaurav Sharma, another vlogger and influencer took his pet dog to the Kedarnath Temple during the ongoing Char Dhaam Yatra and made him seek the blessing of Nandi by its paws. The vlogger also made sure that his pet dog could get the Tilak and recorded the entire ordeal for the sake of a video. Now, the man has landed in a soup with the temple committee filing an FIR against him.

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Husky Takes Blessings of Nandi

In the video gone viral, a man can be seen lifting up the Siberian Husky and make sure the pet dog’s paws touch the ‘Nandi’ statue. The video then shows the temple priest putting a tilak on the Husky. In another video, the man can be seen carrying the pet and bringing him close to the temple premises to witness the ‘sandhya aarti’.

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“My parents take me everywhere”

On Instagram, the pet has its own page which is managed by the pet owner. The page has a following of over 75.5k people. On Instagram, the caption to the above-mentioned video read –

“Hey Everyone I’m Nawab (Dog) And I am 4.5 years old now. I can proudly say that as much as I have traveled in 4 years, a person at the age of 70 would not be able to travel. And all this happened because my parents take me everywhere. That’s why I have a request from all your pet parents. When you give respect to your fur baby, then only the person in front will respect your pet(kid). It is not that my parents do not face problems by taking me with them. But my parents fight with that problem but always take me along. Try the same it’s very easy”

Temple Committee Infuriated, FIR Filed

A TOI report quoted Badrinath Kedarnath Temple Committee saying, “Crores of people have faith in Baba Kedarnath, their sentiments are hurt by such activities by YouTubers and vloggers. These people have no devotion, they come here only to shoot reels and videos with Bollywood songs playing in the background. It gets in the way of pilgrims who come to seek the blessings of Baba Kedarnath.”

The temple committee has filed an FIR against the pet owners and called their actions “degrading, objectionable and condemnable”.


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