In a shocking incident caught on cam, a scuffle broke out during an Indian wedding over who gets to dance with a woman. The video showed the dance floor of an Indian wedding with the famous ‘Tu Lagewalu Jab Lipistic’ playing in the background. Some men who are already on the dance floor get into the spirit of competition when another man brings a woman to the dance floor.

As the woman and man dance together, one man from the group of other men collides with them. Soon a major scuffle breaks out between the men over who will dance with the woman. The video, which was shared on YouTube, has clocked over 2.2 million views so far.

Indian weddings have become the new trove of some shocking, hilarious, heartwarming and bizarre moments that often get caught on video. With numerous weddings taking place every day during the wedding season, there are some incidents that truly sum up as to what desi weddings truly are about.

Earlier this year, a similar shocking incident was reported which occurred in the middle of an Indian wedding. A bride in Uttar Pradesh was caught on cam slapping her groom twice during the varmala ceremony.

The Facts of the Matter

What’s an Indian wedding without some shaking of legs on the dance floor and some high-octane drama that emerges because of it? Recently, a video making rounds of social media shows fight breaking out between men at an Indian wedding over who gets to dance with the bride. It should be noted that there are no confirmed reports as to where the incident transpired.

We have all watched films where two actors engage in a “dance-off” to woo the heroine of the film and have a dance with her. The concept although age old, is still prevalent. So much so that men can get involved in a brawl just to have a dance with a woman.

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What Did the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, an Indian wedding can be seen taking place as a bride and groom sit on the state. Other wedding guests can be seen indulging in food and conversations. Meanwhile, the camera pans on a group of men, who look “high-spirited” and are dancing off in a way that has been often preached – like the world isn’t watching.

Soon, a couple gets on the dance floor as the cult party classic ‘Tu Lagawelu Jab Lipistic’ plays in the background. A man, clearly not happy with the couple taking the limelight, collides with the man who entered the dance floor with another woman.

While initially one can confuse the two men dancing together on the song, things soon escalate when the man who collided tries to shove the other man. Soon the duo gets involved in the scuffle. While the woman tries to calm the man down, some other men pull away the other man who collided with the couple in the first place.

Unfortunately, there are no reports as to whether the scuffle escalated into a full-on brawl, or whether cooler minds eventually prevailed.

Watch the Video Here:

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UP Bride Slaps Groom Twice, Storms off Stage

While the scuffle between the two men over who gets to dance with the woman may sound too random and bizarre, it should be noted that reports of such shocking incidents keep emerging out of Indian weddings.

Earlier this year, a bride in Uttar Pradesh slapped her groom twice on his face during the jaimala ceremony. After slapping the groom, the bride storms off the stage without any explanation.

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Brawl Breaks Out After Australian Wedding

Similar incidents are reported overseas as well. Earlier this year in February, a wedding celebration turned into a massive mayhem after a massive brawl erupted among the wedding guests.


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