Recently a video from Lahore, Pakistan has resurfaced on the social media. In the video some girls can be seen torturing a schoolgirl who is their fellow classmate and the reason behind them torturing her was because the girl said no to consume drugs.  Four girls have been booked after this incident and a FIR has been filed against them.

The Exact Matter behind the Video

The incident took place at Lahore’s Scarsdale American International School, in which some girls can be seen ganging up on a girl and pinning her to the ground and was held by her hair, just because she refused to consume drugs.

The whole incident was captured and shared on the internet as well where, in minutes the video gained over thousands of views and sparked an outrage in the netizens.

The Action against the Incident

According to the country’s leading news organisation Dawn a FIR has been filed against the suspects, the victim’s father also said that the prime suspect is a “drug addict” and that she “tortured” his daughter for refusing to take drugs that she offered.

According to the FIR, one of the prime suspects is a boxer who hit the victim in her face while another kicked her, causing injuries to her face. The victim’s father alleged that the attackers also snatched a gold chain and a locket from his daughter. The local police have started investigating the matter.

He stated that his daughter was traumatised following the attack and the now-viral video further caused mental torture to him and his family. The father also urged Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take action against those who upload videos of the incident on social media.

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Netizen’s Reaction on the Incident

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Maheen Faisal re-shared the video clips demanding action against the attackers. She said that, “Absolutely disgusted by this. Scenes from Scarsdale American International School in defence Lahore, where students allegedly assaulted a fellow student for refusing to drink. This is unacceptable; I hope some serious action was taken against the girls.”

In this incident the local court in Lahore has taken matter in their hands and has granted pre-arrest bail to 3 girls amongst the 4 suspects. The counsel who is appearing for the three suspects said they are being “implicated falsely” and that his clients will cooperate in the probe.

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