In a shocking incident, a viral video of land rising above water has left netizens surprised and speculating the cause of such phenomenon. Several regions of the country are currently suffering the wrath of nature. Incessant rains are battering coastal regions of Maharashtra where landslides and flooding have taken lives of several and uprooted hundreds. Meanwhile, the new natural phenomenon from Haryana is not tragic – but contemplation worthy.


The effects of natural phenomenon are being witnessed across the country currently. Meanwhile a new video has surfaced on the internet. While it hasn’t been ascertained if the incident is a recent, the undated video shows a surface of ground somehow rising in Haryana. The clip has gotten viral on Twitter and so far, has garnered 4.3 million views.

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What the Footage Showed

In the video, one can see a region surrounded by water. An area can be seen mostly submerged in the water. Out of nowhere, the land that was submerged under the water starts rising in the video and people in the video can be heard expressing the shock.

As the short video clip continued, one could hear the people in the background telling others to move aside safely. The land continues to rise as the video progresses. The video also shows other people getting their phones out and taking pictures and video of the incident.

As mentioned earlier, no true cause of the incident has been ascertained but the people in the video can be heard asking amongst themselves as to how its happening in shocking tone. A person can be heard saying that the occurrence may be because a specific region in Haryana received a lot of rainfall.

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Watch Video Here

Much akin to the fact that the cause of the incident has not been out yet, it is also not evident so far as to what the region is where all of this transpired. However, one thing is known. The video was recorded live on July 21.

Video Garners Millions of Views, Thousands of Likes

So far, the video has attracted over 5.7 million views and over 62 thousand people have liked the video. True to fashion of social media behaviour – some netizens expressed their shock in the comments section, some users tried making witty jokes and some went as far as speculating as to what must have caused the incident.

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Comments Sections Filled with Speculators

Some are claiming that the land has risen due to random tectonic activities, some were alleging that the land rose due to the methane trapped in the earth.

“These things happened due to tectonic activities. Its very dangerous to stay here. May be some volcanic activity happened,”

-debated a user.

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Volcanic activity, Methane Build Up, Water Refluxing

Meanwhile, other user commented saying-

“Not really due to tectonic activity, but methane trapped in the earth gets released getting the wet layer to form a bubble, that is what seems to be happening here.”

A user agreed to the Methane argument and added-

“Methane gases build up under the earth will force the soil to create giant bubble, if someone lit fire, it may ignite.”

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Another user argued-

“this is like a deposited silt in a catchment area which appears after sudden disposal of all water.”

Further, a user also alleged that the land, which rose above water, will submerge itself in water after the incident.

“Afterwards this part of land will lower itself when all pressure is released. A small sample of earthquake causing phenomenon,”

-user wrote.

Another user wrote-

“No miracle, water is refluxing, so submerged plains are emerging.”

While the technical reason for the occurrence hasn’t been ascertained so far, the fact that water rose above water randomly is surely an interesting and bizarre occurrence.