The recently gone viral video of a mahout combing elephant’s hair shows that everyone needs a good hair day. On Instagram, a reel of the gentle giant with a cute bob-cut hairdo receiving a combing has been receiving loads of hearts in the comment box. While elephants in wild can be unpredictable and can even cause damages, they are highly intelligent beings that don’t attack until they feel threatened. The video shows that if humans respect elephants and take care of them, the relationship between the human and the animal can get stronger than ever before.

The video of the elephant being combed comes just a few days after another elephant related video had gone viral. In that video, an elephant despite its size, was able to climb over a fence.


The internet is filled with curious insights, historical events, a plethora of fascinating information about the imaginable and unimaginable. While all of this is great, what we all love most about internet is animal videos.

Thanks to social media, with one swipe of finger we can see animals doing strange, hilarious, and heart-warming things. Videos of dogs being loyal friends, monkeys being too smart for their own good, and cats being – well, themselves, are loved by everyone.

And elephant videos hold a special place in our hearts. Recently an aww-dorable video of animal getting a combing is going viral on Internet.

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The Facts of the Matter

Adorable videos are loved by all and shared by many. And when it comes to viral elephant videos, they instantly go trending for obvious reasons. Elephants are warm, they are cute, they are cuddly, and they are more intelligent than any animal their size.

Occasionally, a video of elephant gets shared on internet and leaves a smile on people’s faces. Recently, a video of a cute elephant with a bob-cut hairdo getting its hair combed by its mahout is going viral. We assure you; it will be the best thing you’ll see the whole day.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video, now gone viral, the jumbo can be seen enjoying getting his hair combed by its mahout. With a huge tilak on its trunk and the bob-cut hair, the elephant looks a great combination of cute and magnificent. Interestingly enough, the elephant even gets down on its front two legs so that the mahout can comb its hair easily. Reportedly, the elephant is from Coimbatore’s Thekkampatti village.

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Netizens Drop Hearts and Gush Over the Elephant

As it should come to no one’s surprise, the video has people gushing all over the elephant. “Handsome boy”, an Instagram user commented. Another person quipped, “Its hair are goals, better than my nest”. Similarly, another user commented, “The tusk is loving the treatment.”

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Inspirational Video of Paralyzed Elephant Win Hearts

Earlier this year, a video of an elephant named Kerrio made rounds on the internet for its inspirational backstory. According to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the orphaned elephant was paralysed since its rescue.

“Kerrio’s iron-clad will to get on with life is inspirational. This orphaned #elephant was rescued with paralysis in her hind legs. But as you can see, she is becoming stronger and more mobile with each passing day,” the tweet read.