The recently gone viral video two Tamil Nadu-based girls indulging in intense PDA (public display of affection) has been drawing flak online, with many netizens urging authorities to take action on the matter and curb such incidents. The viral clip captures the young women kissing and hugging each other intimately while sitting on a Hero Splendor with a Tamil Nadu license plate.

The video, believed to have originated in Tamil Nadu, was filmed by an anonymous individual driving parallel to the two girls. In the footage, the couple can be seen high-fiving before proceeding to engage in a passionate embrace, with no hands on the handlebar of the motorcycle at any point.

The Instagram account Stars of Jharkhand (@stars_of_jharkhand) shared the now-deleted video, which has amassed nearly 30,000 views and sparked an online frenzy of criticism and calls for police action against the duo.

Disgusted netizens flooded the comments section of the video with angry comments, with one Instagram user writing, “Someone needs to tweet Jharkhand police and take action against these girls.” Another commenter stated, “Why do only men get fined for this? These girls need to be fined as well.”

In a similar incident last week, a man from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, was captured on video engaging in physical affection with his girlfriend while driving a scooty.

The Facts of the Matter

As the debate around same-sex couples ant their status in India continues, a shocking video has surfaced, showing two girls indulging in intense PDA, that too on a moving vehicle.

While some are applauding the daring stunt, others are calling for the couple to be penalized for their reckless behavior. Whether you think it’s a thrilling act of love or a dangerous stunt, one thing is for sure: this couple’s public display of affection is taking PDA to a whole new level.

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What Does the Video Show

The daring duo is captured in a passionate embrace, kissing and hugging each other while riding a Hero Splendor with a Tamil Nadu registration plate.

While no official confirmation has surfaced, the viral video is being reported to have originated from Tamil Nadu. The entire ordeal was filmed by an onlooker driving parallel to the couple’s bike. In the clip, the young women can be seen exchanging a high-five before launching into the steamy make-out session. What’s more shocking is that they appear to be riding without helmets and with no hands on the handlebar at any point

Watch Video here

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Netizens React

The couple’s brazen disregard for the law has caused an uproar on social media, with many expressing their outrage at their dangerous and illegal behavior. The incident has also sparked the Ranchi Girls hashtag, which has been used to propagate the video further.

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Similar Incident was Reported from Lucknow

Earlier this year in January, a Lucknow-based couple landed themselves in hot water after a video of them indulging in public displays of affection on a crowded street went viral. The couple’s steamy PDA session on a two-wheeler caused an uproar on social media, with trolls coming out in droves to criticize the pair’s debatable behavior.

While the boy on the two-wheeler was booked, the girl in the video was later identified as a minor and was released by the police.


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