In a bizarre incident, daredevil bride and groom couple recently set themselves on fire as a wedding exit stunt with video of the incident going viral on social media. Before you panic and wonder whether the couple were in their senses, please note that the couple – Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Bambyr – are professional stunt doubles, who decided to bring their stunt prowess in their union. The video of their incident was shared initially on TikTok.

According to reports, the couple burned down the house (some pun intended) and made a head turning-jaw dropping exit from their wedding reception earlier this week. While the stunt double couple have had prior experiences, and people were expecting something dramatic to unfold, they had something more up their sleeve.

Instead of having a “stunt” themed evening, the couple took it upon themselves to “set the night on fire”. As they exited the ceremony, they set themselves ablaze and walked hand I hand out of the ceremony. The casual nature of their gait is as comparable to the outrageous nature of this entire idea.

The Facts of the Matter

When it comes to weddings, there’s no such thing as too much. Couples across the world often go out of their ways to make the day of the union as special and unique as they can. Parents, friends and family too go an extra mile to immortalize the day in the couple’s memory. However, recently a couple took the notion of making a “grand exit” too far, and literally set the night on fire.

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Meet Daredevil Stunt Couple Ambyr Bambyr and Gabe Jessop

Much like ‘Hunger Games’ characters Katniss Everdeen and her partner Peeta who are engulfed in fire during the Tribute Parade, the couple too set fire to themselves after their wedding. The outrageous idea was executed by two stunt doubles – Ambyr Bambyr and Gabe Jessop.

The video of the entire ordeal was shared on TikTok and several copies of the same are making their rounds on Instagram and Twitter.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video gone viral, Ambyr looks ethereal as she lifts her bouquet up and Gabe waves the wedding invitees. One of the guests jokes, “Ambyr and Gabe met on set, their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring.”

While most western weddings end with the couples getting showered with flower petals and cheers from their friends and family, this couple threw a never-seen before pyrotechnic show for guests. Donned in fire-proof outfits and laced with anti-burn gel, the couple walks on field with engulfed in fire.

The daredevils calmly put up the show and soon reached the end of the ordeal. They simply kneel and soon two men put the flames out with fire extinguishers.

Watch the Video Here?

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How the Couple’s Hair Did Not Catch Fire?

Netizens on TikTok and Instagram took to the comments section and reacted to the video in their own ways. Some netizens also wondered how the couple’s hair didn’t get burned. To this DJ Russ Powell, who shared the video, said, “They both had anti-burn gel in their hair and face, then Ambyr had a wig on top.”

Following the incident, wedding photographer Kate Dye was quoted in a Newsweek report saying. “A wedding exit is just a fun and exciting way to end the evening and keep the energy up rather than just having your band or DJ end on the last song”.

“It caps off what has already been a magical day and is one last chance to get gorgeous images to remember it all by,” she added.


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